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5 Celebrity Odd Couples That Make It Work

Two celebrity odd couples.

We’re all looking for that perfect someone, but love is often serendipitous and can come in all shapes and forms. While we get to swipe for matches and pick and choose who we want to message, our personal love stories can depend on a variety of factors. Sometimes you end up vibing with someone you would originally pass over, other times you come to the self-realization that the so-called perfect person you’ve been imagining isn’t someone you want to hang out with in real life. As I like to say, science isn’t paramount to making a relationship work, but chemistry definitely is.

As humans, we all have one goal in life: to be happy. While the means to make us happy differs from person to person, and the notion itself is subjective, the aim for all of us is to simply achieve it. If you needed any evidence that love doesn’t always look the way you think it does, these love stories of famous couples who’ve found happiness against all odds will show you the way.

1. Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

This pair really proves that age is just a number. Long before Jackman was cast as a feral mutant, a bread stealing peasant, or even People Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Year, he was a green thespian starring in one of his first acting roles. The couple met on the set of the short-lived drama, Correlli, where veteran Australian actress Deborra-Lee Furness played a prison psychologist of the same name to Jackson’s prison inmate character. It’s here that their romance sparked and blossomed. Twenty one years and two adopted children later, this couple has literally and figuratively stood the test of time.

2. Eric Andre and Rosario Dawson

Though not technically married, this is truly one of Hollywood’s strangest couples. Eric Andre known generally known for his outrageous late-night public access parody program, The Eric Andre Show as well as his outlandish on-stage persona while the philanthropic, Rosario Dawson is classically known for being an actress capable tackling a myriad of different roles. They’re definitely the definition of odd couple, but somehow it works. They’re even used to getting strange looks from celebrities. We’re looking at you Chance the Rapper.

3. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

The girl from the southside and the man formerly known as Barry O met in the Summer of 89’ when Barack became a Summer Associate at Chicago-based law firm, Sidley & Austin. Michelle (then Robinson) was assigned to to be his adviser, charged with helping him learn the ropes as well as the ins and outs of the firm. Barack tried his hand at asking her out plenty of times, only to be rejected time and time again. Eventually, he offered to quit his job so they could go out and Michelle relented, turning their business relationship into something more. Luckily for us she did because as we already know, they’re one of the most awe-inspiring power couples today.

4. Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon

Comedian Kumail Nanjiani has been married to writer/producer Emily V. Gordon since 2007, but their path to coupledom was more than a tumultuous ride. Back when they were still dating, Gordon became severely ill at one point and coupled (pun intended) with Nanjiani’s cultural background led to a wild and emotional rollercoaster between them and their families. While things did work out in the end, nonetheless their story is a great example of situations and experiences with interracial/intercultural dating in the modern age. They’ve also co-written a film together, aptly named The Big Sick which chronologizes their story sprinkled in with some humor of course that comes out on the 23rd of June.

5. Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne

Sometimes it feels just so right to mix business with pleasure. After being fired from Black Sabbath by Don Arden(Sharon’s father), Ozzy then moved to L.A. to pursue a solo career where Sharon followed suit to visit him. Originally manager and talent, their relationship soon blossomed into something a lot more and we don’t mean a reality TV series. With thirty-five years of marriage under their belt and what we can only assume as a whole lot more, this couple is still rocking

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