20 Game of Thrones Pick Up Lines to Try Before the New Season

Jon Snow and Daenerys laughing and canoodling on the set of Game of Thrones.

Unless you live in a bubble you know that the final season of Game of Thrones premieres this Sunday, April 14. Who will conquer all and end up on the Iron Throne? Who will have an unfortunate and untimely death? Only one way to find out.

Now, if you’re as big of a GoT nerd as I am you’re probably spending a lot of time thinking and talking about the finale. So what better way to let GoT fully consume you than by bringing it into your love life?

Whether you’re on dating apps or are in a serious relationship, here are some Game of Thrones pick-up lines that just should make whoever you’re with laugh, cringe, or at the very least crack a smile. (Warning: Some may be NSFW):

1. Are you free tonight? Because I’m Wildling about you.

2. Is that Valyrian steel or are you just excited to see me?

3. My little birds tell me that you want to grab drinks later.

4. Whatever you want to do I’ll return the favor, because a Lannister always pays his debts.

5. Are kings the only thing you slay?

6. Just like Bran I’m falling for you.

7. I may have a Little Finger, but you should see the rest of me.

8. I know The Wall is up North, but I prefer things down South.

9. Even if we were related I’d still be into you.

10. You can count on me being a true gentleman… I will always Hodor for you.

11. My name is [your name]… Lover of Chains and Breaker of Hearts.

12. Are you the High Sparrow? Because I’d do the walk of shame for you.

13. You said you know nothing, but after last night I know that’s not the case.

14. A man may have no face, but what he does have is a big crush on you.

15. Are you into swords? Because my Needle is always up for a good time.

16. Are you a member of the Night’s Watch? Because I’m fine with you watching me all night long.

17. I must be part Dothraki, because I’m always up for a good ride.

18. Rule #1: Stick it with the pointy end.

19. I’m looking for a Robb Stark in the streets, but a Podrick in the sheets.

20. I’m ready to be the Grand Maester… Of your body.

21. Winter’s not the only thing that’s coming.

22. One word: Gendry. *faints*

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