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25 Flirty Text Messages for Her That She’ll Love

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Want a way to jump-start your love life? If you’re looking to meet a woman online and explore the potential for dating her, it helps to build up a friendly dialogue. So why not check out these flirty text messages for her?

Modern dating apps and sites have opened the potential to meet many singles. It follows that both men and women can afford to be selective. This makes it even more important to make sure you stand out and get your intentions across clearly.

If you’re a guy talking to a woman, you want to make sure you’re both genuine and interesting. If you’re getting signals from her, it’s good to be a little flirty too. This will stand you in good stead for arranging a date IRL. So, to give you the best chance of success, check out these great flirty text messages for her.

Check Out These Flirty Text Messages for Her

We believe that everyone deserves to find love! That’s why we want you to succeed in meeting a woman who you’ll get along with. We’ve carefully curated the following 25 flirty text messages to help you take text messaging to the next level and ramp up the romance!

Break the ice

You’ve liked each other’s photos, now it’s time for the text messages to start flowing. Take a chance and dare to initiate the conversation with some cute text messages like the ones below.

– Hey there, do you feel like chatting?

– What are you up to tonight?

– I see that you’re into series, are you watching anything good on Netflix?

– Your photos look really cool, do you travel a lot?

– I like your style! Where do you normally get your clothes from?

Give her a compliment

Writing flirty text messages for her can show a woman that you’re interest in her. A word of caution: don’t go over the top with the flattery. Instead, make sure your compliment is specific and based on how you feel. Don’t be fake!

– I see that you teach aerobics. Got any expert tips for a wannabee athlete?

– Your hair looks great in that updo style!

– Those are the prettiest earrings I’ve ever seen.

– That’s amazing you run marathons, respect your determination!

– You look so cute in your photos!

Ask about one of her profile pics

It’s likely a woman dating online receives a lot of flirty text messages for her. That means it’s time-consuming for her to sift through them and respond. It’s therefore so important to make your messages both unique and relevant. Picking up on something in her profile photos is a great place to start flirty conversation!

– You look like you’re having a great time in this photo! Which beach is that?

– Looks like you’ve got a well-stocked bookshelf! What’s your favorite genre?

– Is that your dog? It looks adorable! I’m a big pet lover.

– Do you go watch the Seattle Sounders often? Want to check out a game sometime?

– Cool that you’ve been to San Fran! What was your top spot to hang out?

Discuss a common interest

Most people are willing to reveal more about themselves, but you need to draw it out sometimes! When sending flirty text messages to her, the is to put her at ease and keep conversation casual. Reading her profile will give you a good idea of her interests.

– A fellow traveler! What was the last country you’ve been to?

– I also harbor a soft spot for indie bands! Who’s you’re favorite?

– Love that you’re into theme parks. Have you been to a Six Flags before?

– What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

– Theatre is my thing too. What’s the best play you’ve attended recently?

Non-creepily tell her she’s attractive

You’d be surprised how many guys end up fluffing their lines here. Simply put, don’t be a creep. It’s totally fine to tell a girl that you think she’s good looking but do it in a friendly and polite manner. Bro-like comments are bland and, at their worst, come across predatory. Here are some sensible ideas.

– I love your pictures, you look gorgeous in all of them!

– Really love how you rock those dungarees! Strong look 😛

– You’ve got such amazing hair! How do you get it so curly?

– You’ve got one of the prettiest smiles I’ve seen.

–  You look stunning in this photo, which I could style out heels like that 😀

Remember, when you’re flirting online, you’re doing what you would normally do in person. It’s vital though to avoid sounding creepy. This can be harder online because you have no context to work with, you can’t read her facial expressions or body language in response to what you type. And emojis can only go so far!

Because most communication requires figuring out what’s being said in between the lines, if you feel something is in the slightest bit off, don’t send it. Instead, focus on maintaining free flowing and natural conversation. If you manage this, you might end up landing a date in no time!

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