5 Fun Facts on Food and Dating

Leading Australian dating coach, Mark Rosenfeld brings you this fun and delightful video about trends in food and dating.


Video Transcript:
Hey, it’s great to be back. And, it’s especially great to be back when the topic is food. The online dating site Zoosk has done a big study (over 3.7 million profiles) and they found five surprising facts about food and dating that I want to share with you today. Stick around.

Number one surprising fact about food in online dating: Talking about food in your profile increases your chance of being messaged.

Now, the interesting part about this was that the type of food you mentioned matters and it matters a lot. The number one food to mention was “guacamole.” Would not have guessed that—144% more messages if you talk about “guacamole” in your profile. Number two I would have guessed because it’s basically the best food on the planet: Potatoes. If you mention “potatoes” in your profile, Zoosk has found that you have a 101% more chance of being messaged than a woman who does not mention “potatoes.” By the way, if a woman regularly talked about potatoes, I’d probably marry her.

Number three was “chocolate,” and “sushi” and “salad” rounded up the top five. Now, on the other hand, there were certain foods that decreased the chance you’d be messaged. If you put “fried chicken” in your profile, there’s a 15% less chance that you would be messaged by gentlemen. And if you put “yams” in your profile, there’s a 70% less chance you would be messaged. Now I thought, oh, that’s funny (ha ha ha), I wonder what a yam is. I looked up what a yam is—a yam is a sweet potato. How? How can you have a 101% increase in messages with normal potatoes and a 70% decrease with sweet potatoes? Ya’ll are potato racists. If you see a man, who mentions “yams” in his profile (those beautiful, sweet potatoes in his profile), you must message that man. No matter how ugly he is.

Number two surprising fact about food: While putting food in your profile may help you get more messages, sending your first message about food will not help you get more responses.

The only exception is “eggplant.” And I’m sure you can guess why. Eggplant responses may not be the type of responses that you want. If you go and talk about “burritos”, you are 7% less likely to get a response. And, if you talk about “fried chicken,” you’re 15% less likely. What I really want to know is who is continually bringing up fried chicken in their profile and messages? Who says, “You know what, this is a great woman. I’m going to talk to her about fried chicken in my first message?” Like, how has natural selection not gotten to you already?

Surprising food fact number three: People love vegetarians. Just two years ago mentioning “vegetarian” or “vegetarianism” in your profile meant that you got a 100% fewer responses to your messages. Vegetarian racism was a thing. Now, you get 3% more responses to your messages. And, this is a kicker, you mention vegetarianism in your profile, you’re 52% more likely to get messaged in the first place.

Surprising food fact number four is actually not that surprising at all: Don’t suggest fast food. The study showed that 44% of men would think a woman was either easy to please or unhealthy if she suggested fast food. Conversely, women aren’t fans of it either—59% of women said that if a man suggested fast food, they’d either think that he was unhealthy or cheap. That said, 55% of men said they would not judge and would be more than happy to go on a fast food date as a first date. So, if you are a lover of KFC like myself, go for your life.

Surprising food fact number five: The study looked at what were the best foods to have on a first date. What did people enjoy the most? They found that steak and seafood were the top two picks. While for millennials, the top pick was sushi. On the other hand, any foods that are messy, gas producing, unpronounceable, or result in bad breath (i.e. garlic) were the worst types of food for a first date.

Well, that’s the video.  Make sure you check out my YouTube channel: Mark Rosenfeld. You can search for that on YouTube. Hit the like button on this video, share it around, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I read through all of them. And I will see you in the next video next month.

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This continued until 2011, when he took a job as a professional stripper. Through working with men at either end of the confidence spectrum, Mark came to a true understanding of the actions men take and how they think as it relates to women.

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