Does Bumble BFF Actually Work for Meeting Friends?

Two friends who met on Bumble BFF laughing and hugging together.

Let’s be real: making friends as an adult is hard. Like really hard. In kindergarten, all it took to make a best friend was a deskmate with the same favorite crayon or a neighborhood kid who took the same bus. Anybody who was close in age or geographically convenient was a potential friend and this basically continued through school till you graduated college.

But, at a certain point, people get busy. Not everyone can hang during your free time or your schedules no longer line up. You get lonely and you need a new friend or two. You’re not looking for someone to date just someone to grab coffee with, but you’re not in school anymore. So what do you do?

Lucky for you, the dating app Bumble has an answer. Though it originally rose to popularity as a dating app, Bumble recently started connecting friend seekers with its new(ish) BFF service. Bumbles’s official blog writes that the service is for anybody, “whether you’re new to a city or looking to expand your social circle, Bumble BFF is a simplified way to create meaningful friendships.”

Just like Bumble Date, on Bumble BFF you create a profile catering to the type of friend you’re looking for, then get to swiping. Want someone to travel the world with? Put it in your profile. How about someone to attend yoga classes with? You can add that to your profile too.

According to Bumble’s blog, the app designers make similar recommendations for both your dating profile and your friendship profile: choose photos that show off your personality and interests, link your Spotify or Instagram accounts, and swipe right on people you’re interested in to get matching. Bumble even has recommendations for your first friend date—go do an activity that you share a passion for. Are you both tennis addicts without a partner? Then meet on a local court. Want to brush up on your baking skills? Ask them to bake a cake with you.

Of course, we’re all curious—does it actually work?

According to various women’s experiences, it sounds like Bumble BFF has about as good of a chance of hooking you up with the love of your life as it does with your new best friend. Some, like Rachel Thompson of Mashable, reported that it was a better place to make friends than in real life. On the other hand, Emily McCombs of the Huffington Post had no success but was inspired to try harder to connect with friends in her current circle.

The truth is, just like online dating, Bumble BFF will work great for some people, while others will hate it.  Either way, if you’re looking for new friends, it can’t hurt, and Bumble isn’t the only friendship app out there. If things don’t shake out, you’ve only lost a little bit of time. And if they do, well, you’ve finally found that person you were looking for to get coffee with.

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