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8 Of The Best Date Night At Home Ideas For Staying In

couple cooking in kitchen having a date night at home

Well, here we are. After living through a global pandemic, there’s a lot of new stuff to figure out. The ways we work and date and interact have changed and there seems to be a new normal. Luckily, we’re in an age of creativity and innovation. And date night at home has become a popular alternative to going out.

Sure, it won’t be quite the same as having a romantic night out at your favorite restaurant. But these days, we’ve found new ways to connect, to feel special, to be in love, and we’ve come to appreciate the benefits of date nights at home! It’s cheaper and convenient, but more importantly, allows you as a couple to experience a special kind of intimacy at home doing something special together.

Here are 8 of the Best Date Night at Home Ideas 

1. Eat-in

Well, duh, but you can eat in and make it feel special. Instead of routinely making dinner and eating it while watching TV, make it extra nice. Turn off the television and put your phones away. Make the dinner you had on your first date or her favorite meal. Light some candles. Put on something other than sweats. Have wine. Have dessert. Treat yourselves and make it a night to remember.

2. Go on an adventure

With the growing popularity of online dating ideas, why not go further afield and experience an exciting foreign city all from the comfort of your own home. Virtual tours have become a go-to date idea with dating sites and many more offering interactive online adventures you can experience together.

3. Take in a virtual museum

Inspired by one couple’s quarantine date night in The New York Times, why not check out a museum of interest to you? In 2013, Soomin Dancyger, 32, and Lilly Dancyger, 31, of Manhattan had their first date at the Museum of Modern Art and vowed to celebrate every future anniversary at a different museum in New York.

In lockdown, the married couple of five years kept up tradition while also following the city’s stay-at-home orders, thanks to virtual tours being offered by museums worldwide. Check out some of these museums offering virtual tours and up the ante for your next date night at home.

4. Host a game night

This one has a lot of different options. You can play an old-fashioned board game at home. If you have a deck of cards or a chessboard, there’s always that. Or you can hop online and play a virtual game against one another. There are virtual trivia nights hosted all over the internet. And, of course, you can always get into Animal Crossing. There’re many options to cater to your different preferences, invite friends, or keep it just the two of you. Most importantly, just have fun with it!

5. Learn something new

A date night at home can also mean a new hobby or interest! If you miss academics or just want to connect with your partner in a new way, take a class together. There are an array of options, with sites like Udemy and Coursera offering many online courses for free.

One of the most popular recent highlights Talia Goldstein told HuffPost is Yale offering its most popular class for free online, ‘The Science of Wellbeing.’ But it doesn’t have to be academic – take an art or cooking class online – try something creative and learn together! Learning is a great way to bond and get to know each other better.

6. Work out together

Maybe it’s not for everyone, but a night of yoga makes for a great date night at home. Or for something more clearly romantic, take an online dance class together! Moving your bodies and working out gets the romance stakes up and is great for your physical and mental health! And nothing makes you feel sexier than when the endorphins are flowing…

7. Double date for double fun

Zoom, Google, FaceTime, Join.Me – there’re so many different video platforms out there for you to connect with. If you’re missing some time with your best friends, why not host try out some double date ideas?

For example, everyone can order a pizza, or decide on a meal beforehand, so you’re all eating the same thing. Open your separate bottles of wine, and just have fun reconnecting with your friends, virtually! If you and your partner are used to hanging out with your friends, a double date is always fun. The virtual option is a great one for a date night at home.

8. Read together

Maybe you like to read physical books and your partner reads long-form articles on his phone. It doesn’t matter! A reading night is a great way to connect and also have your space. Light some candles, make some tea and have a nice night of reading together. Or choose a book and read it together, taking turns to narrate it as you go. Turns out, a date night at home doesn’t require much! 

Trying new things and having fun together can freshen up your week and your relationship! Some of the best date nights at home include:

    Whatever floats your boat, don’t forget to date your partner through it all. It can make both of you stronger, happier, and closer – now and in the long run. So bunker down and enjoy date night at home with a difference.

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