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26 Brilliant Third Date Ideas To Keep Things Spicy

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So, you made it to date number three. Congratulations! But now a new challenge awaits: Coming up with some great third date ideas. If this feels like a daunting prospect, don’t worry! We’re here to help!

By date number three, things ought to be feeling a little more relaxed. You’ve spent a few hours in each other’s company, shared a few jokes, and got to know a bit about each other’s lives. Because that initial ice has already been broken, coming up with good third date ideas, therefore, isn’t as high-pressure as the first or second date. But, it’s still important to find something that helps to spark that meaningful connection.

When it comes to figuring out where to go on a third date, try not to stress too much or overthink it. Stay true to yourself and focus on enjoying the feeling of fostering a new, exciting connection. To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of 26 of the best third date ideas that you can try!

What To Do On A Third Date: 26 Excellent Ideas To Get You Inspired

As every amorous pair is different, we’ve divided our list of third date ideas into several categories. If you’ve found the basis of your attraction to one another lies in laughing a lot and having a blast, scroll straight to the ‘fun’ ideas.

Similarly, if you’ve found that you have bonded over an intense mutual love of romance novels or poetry, our ‘romantic’ section will be more up your alley. Check out our top picks below to get inspired!

10 fun third date ideas to get you started

1. Sing your hearts out at karaoke

If you’re both the outgoing type, karaoke with your date can be incredibly endearing and fun. Whether it’s an all-out karaoke bar or a small karaoke booth for hire, grab a couple of mics and reach for those high notes.

2. Try out an interactive museum

By the time you get to the third date, it’s likely that you’ve covered the initial “getting to know you” icebreakers. So, why not try something a little more engaging than merely sitting in a restaurant or bar and head out to an interactive museum? Science museums are available in many cities across the US and are a fun, engaging way to spend a few hours.

3. Drive-in movie (or regular movie theatre!)

Generations of new lovers have headed to drive-in movie theatres throughout the country to spice things up. Bring snacks and drinks, and head out together to watch a movie of your choice.

Horror films are a great choice if you want to hold each other in your shared fear, comedy is great for lightening the mood, and romance is ideal for getting those amorous thoughts flowing.

4. Go ice skating

Pull on your boots and head out onto the ice together, for a date that’s equal parts fun, romantic, and hilarious. It’s hard to say which is more attractive – a date who’s a natural on the ice, or somebody who’s endearingly clumsy and falls on their ass every five seconds!

5. Share some laughs at a comedy club

A comedy club on a first date is a bold move – front-row seats especially! By the third date, however, you may well feel a lot more comfortable with one another. Laughing until your stomach hurts is always a fun way to build a meaningful connection and keep things fun.

6. Open mic night

If you’d like something a little less raucous than a comedy night, head to an open mic for an evening of interesting monologues, moving poetry, and wild stories. For an added twist, you could always mount the stage yourself and give it a go. Who knows? It might be the very thing that makes your date start to fall for you.

7. Try a salsa class

A salsa class, though perhaps a little intimidating, is a brilliant way to get the pair of you all fired up. There’s something innately sensual to salsa, and you can show off a new side of your personality on the dancefloor. Or, if you have two left feet, you can instead share in a lot of laughs. Win-win!

8. Experience a wine tasting

Show off your sophisticated side with a wine tasting class. It’s classy and elegant, and you’ll probably learn a thing or two in the process. After, why not purchase a glass or two yourselves to take home and compare notes?

9. Try a cooking class

Cooking together has amazing potential for flirty antics. If one of you is a better cook than the other, they can lead the way and show off their abilities – it’s always attractive to watch somebody talented at work.

10. Head to a concert

While a first date might not be a great time to head to a gig (hard to flirty when yelling over a live band), a third date is a relaxed environment, and you can enjoy dancing together to some live tunes you both love.

5 romantic third date ideas to add some spice

11. Invite them over for a candlelit dinner

The classic. Cooking for your date is a time-tested way to take the romance up a notch. Ask for their favorite meal in advance, and prepare it for them while you play music together. Candlelight adds an extra romantic atmosphere.

12. Go stargazing

On a clear night, wrap up warm, pack blankets, coffee flasks, and snacks, and head out somewhere rural to gaze up at the stars together. If you really want to impress your date, learn a few constellations by heart beforehand.

13. Take them to your favorite spot

It might be a building with a unique view, a tranquil walk through the forest, or the place you grew up. Taking your date to your favorite spot lets you show them a side of you not many people see. It’s one of the best ways to build intimacy and a romantic way to spend a few hours together.

14. Plan a picnic

For a romantic, wholesome day out, meet up early in the day, prep a few tasty snacks, and bring some hot beverages or a bottle of wine. With a beautiful view and the tranquility of nature, you’ll have nothing to distract you from one another.

15. Head off on a virtual city escape

On only the third date, you might not feel totally ready to head off traveling together just yet. But, why not go somewhere virtually? These unique experiences are one of the best third date ideas out there and — as an added bonus — they can all be enjoyed from the comfort of home!

Adventurous third date ideas: 6 options that get the excitement flowing 

16. Life drawing

A life drawing class is a unique and insightful experience. It gives you both the chance to show off your creative sides and you’re bound to have a lot to discuss afterward. If you’re feeling really bold, you can volunteer to be the subject yourselves.

17. Head out for a hike

Heading out into nature on a hike gives you space to breathe and relax. And, sharing the adventure together can really help to foster a more meaningful connection. Just remember to bring appropriate footwear!

18. Road trip

Now that it’s the third date and you’re feeling close and more comfortable, it’s the perfect time to head out on a mini road trip.

If you’re dating in Philly, for example, head off for a day trip to New York where there are tons of great things to do together! Or, escape the city and head to a beautiful viewpoint for an unforgettable day.

19. Go horse riding

If it’s available in your area, horseback riding is a great third date idea. If you can both ride well, so much the better, but two amateurs trying to navigate atop a horse will be a lot of fun too.

20. Try out rock climbing

Rock climbing has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. If you’re both beginners, take a short class to introduce yourselves to the basics beforehand. Or, if you’re really feeling brave, give bouldering (climbing without ropes) a go for a serious adrenaline rush!

21. Camping in the wilderness

Is there anything better than heading out for a day in the fresh air, bringing supplies, and cooking a tasty dinner out in nature? Of course, you’ll need to be more familiarly acquainted if you’re going to be sharing a tent, so be sure to communicate this beforehand!

5 relaxing third date ideas for spending quality time together

22. Organize a board game tournament

For an easygoing, relaxed evening, collect a selection of board games and hold a tournament. Just make sure you don’t get too competitive – flipping the Monopoly table can be a bit of a vibe killer!

23. Movie night

Maybe don’t call it “Netflix and chill” unless you want to give certain connotations. A movie night is a cozy third date, especially if you’re curled up on the sofa with a couple of drinks, some tasty treats close to hand, and a selection of some of the best romantic movies on Netflix.

24. Take on some DIY

Okay, this one might sound a bit strange. But, if you or your date have a tedious DIY task that needs doing, why not make a date out of it and add a little fun? Putting up shelves is much more fun as a duo than solo. Plus, the teamwork involved can help to show how well you communicate and collaborate together as a pair.

25. Video games marathon

A more modern spin on the board games night, a video games tournament is laid-back and entertaining. Tip: Mario Kart is perfect for a whimsical couples’ tournament.

26. Head off to the beach

If you’re a couple dating somewhere like Miami, heading out to a beautiful beach is a perfect third date idea. Tanning on the sand makes for a great spot for deep chats, and splashing about in the sea is ideal for flirty playfulness.

The Bottom Line 

The best third date ideas are all about building on the initial sparks of a genuine connection! Remember, you’ve already made a great first impression and they’ve made it clear that they want to see you again. So relax, pick out your favorite date idea from above, and enjoy yourselves! 

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