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The 6 Best Things About Dating a Nerdy Guy

A woman who's dirty a nerdy guy, wearing nerd glasses with her boyfriend while they both make silly faces and laugh.

One of the best parts about dating is that it gives you an opportunity to meet a variety of people. Some of us tend to stick to the same kind of person—a type, if you will—but others really branch out. It’s fun to date a sports player, and then a computer technician, and then a teacher, and then a motorcycle enthusiast. It’s exciting to date people who have a variety of interests and then a person who shares all of the same interests that you do. And the so called “nerds” out there can be some of the most fun dates.

There are endless reasons why dating a stereotypically nerdy guy is a really great experience. Here are just a handful of them. 

1. They don’t have to go out all the time.
While dating a nerdy guy, you may immediately realize that they tend to be much more relaxed than some other guys you may have dated. Does that mean they don’t get worked up about anything? Absolutely not. But it does mean they’re more likely to get excited about the latest Netflix original film and want to stay in on a Friday night. (And a Saturday night, and a Thursday night, and any other night.) If you consider yourself a homebody, dating a nerdy guy may be super up your alley.

Speaking of staying in on a Friday night, a nerdy guy may be more likely to want to stay in and host a game night with you rather than go out to the bars or a nightclub. If you’re a bit more introverted, and are over the bar scene, chances are dating a nerdy guy is the right choice for you.

2. They have passion.
Not that people who aren’t nerds don’t have passions, but nerdy guys tend to be passionate about a few key things. Not only do they tend to be passionate about their favorite films, books, and television shows, but they are likely passionate (and well-versed) in what’s going on around them. If you’re dating a nerdy guy, you may learn everything you never knew you wanted to know about cryptocurrency. Or where the nation currently stands on cybersecurity issues. Or something else incredibly important that you didn’t know about before. Dating a nerdy guy means constantly learning.

3. You get to experience something new . 
Similarly, if you’re dating a nerdy guy, prepare to enter a brand new endeavor. Maybe your nerdy man is in a barbershop quartet and for the first time in your life, you are attending choral performances and fun shows once or twice a month. Or maybe he’s an improv nerd and you spend your weekends cracking up with a glass of wine in your hand while you support his latest performance. Or maybe your nerdy man is a superhero aficionado and you finally have the chance to catch up on the entire Marvel universe. Whatever your nerdy boyfriend is into, you will certainly experience a bit of it. While you can (and should!) obviously maintain your own interests and lifestyle, one of the best parts of dating someone is experiencing what they love too. And if you’re dating someone very nerdy, chances are, you’ll learn and experience something really new.

4. They’re understanding. 
It’s a huge generalization, but nerdy guys do tend to be a bit more appreciative of what they have. If your guy was never the most popular guy in school, chances are he knows what it’s like to be judged or misunderstood, which means he’ll understand what it means to overcome obstacles or other’s prejudices.

5. They’re smart!
Are all nerds smart? Of course not. Are a lot of nerds smart? Yes. Dating a smart guy who is not condescending is a true gift. Nerdy guys can often fit that description.

6. They’re dedicated.
To you, to their passions, to comic books, or playing the trombone, or seeing every performance at your local live theater—whatever they’re dedicated to, dedication is hot. Dating a nerdy guy means learning more about true dedication. And if you consider yourself a dedicated person, it’s great to find someone that can match that.

Though many of these traits are generalized, and not every single nerdy guy in the world will fit the bill, many of these qualities are shared by people who consider themselves to be nerds. There are many ways to be nerdy, and if you’re the Harry Potter type or the music type or the computer type or the book reading type, dating nerdy is the way to go.

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