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Does He Like Me? 6 Subtle Signs That Point to Yes

A guy flirting with a woman he really likes.

You went out once, you’ve exchanged a few messages, and things look promising. But suddenly, you wonder if he’s on the same page. Despite your best efforts, your inner middle schooler emerges and wants—no, needs—to know the answer to the all-important question: Does he like me? Don’t worry. Anyone who’s ever had a great date understands. To help answer your question, Ariel Kiley and Simone Kornfeld, authors of Smitten: The Way of the Brilliant Flirt, share 6 signs that point to yes.

He texts you back within the hour. He doesn’t wait until hours later or the next day. He’s excited and eager to connect. He might even send a random text just to say “hi” or share a photo of something he thinks you might enjoy.

He’s focused on you. While you’re talking, he’s looking at your facial features, your body, and your gestures. All his attention is completely on you – not wandering to other people in the room or the sports game on the TV.

He remembers personal things about you. Like where you went to school, your mother’s name, or your favorite food. He remembers stuff you don’t even recall telling him and then brings it up in conversation.

He touches you. He touches your arm while asking if you want another drink, he lets his knee brush against your leg for a moment, he gently guides you out of the restaurant with his hand on your back. There’s a difference between touchy feel-y and being affectionate; he won’t let you feel uncomfortable.

He offhandedly mentions things you could do together in the future. He may say something like ‘If you love tacos, I’ve got to take you to this awesome spot in my neighborhood’, or ‘I know of a great hiking area near here. I should show it to you sometime’. He’s interested in doing things to get to know you better.

He’s nervous when asking about seeing you again. He is invested, and you can sense it because he suddenly gets shy as he asks if you’re up for another date. Then he confirms the date, by text/email/phone call, well in advance to help calm his nerves and make sure you’re ready.

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