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When Should You Introduce Him to Your Friends?

A guy laughing with his girlfriend and her friends who he's meeting for the first time.

It’s hard to not show your friends how excited you are about your new partner. Whether it’s your first or your ninth serious relationship, it never gets easier and you still fear the scrutiny your friends may have about the new man in your life. Regardless how nervous you may feel, the people who know you best will want to meet your new guy.

Here are some tips on when you should introduce him to your friends:

When the honeymoon phase is starting to level off into a normal relationship.
The honeymoon phase is that time in the beginning of your relationship when you’re very excited about your partner. Talking and being with him every day feels like a dream come true. However, even if you’re sure he’s the one, you should also be looking out for things you don’t like. The truth is, your initial impressions during the first couple of weeks of dating don’t give you that much insight on the future. You want to get to a space where you naturally know things about him; such as his lifestyle or what annoys him, instead of only the light topics like what kind of beer he likes or what he likes to do on a Friday night.

This point in the relationship is fun but don’t rush it. Part of the dating experience is weeding out the candidates until you find someone you’re really interested in; it would get tiring for you and your friends if they kept getting excited about a new romance too soon and too often.

When he reminds you of your friends.
It could be that he shares a similar sense of humor or the same hobbies as your friends. Whichever it is, you know that it will be less awkward and more exciting when they meet because they can hold an interesting conversation and connect about something.

Take time to become friends with your boyfriend before you introduce him to your friends. It’s sometimes hard to predict how our friends will react to someone or if they’ll be supportive, judgmental, or optimistic. The important thing to remember is that your closest friends have your best interests at heart and want you to be happy.

When the setting and situation is right.
The setting needs to be laid-back and not too serious. This is the first time he gets to meet the people you hang out with. Also, you don’t want to blindside your friends by not telling them. Choosing a comfortable place to bring your new partner around your friends can make a big difference. Some examples of events to bring him to are events that are suitable for plus one guests such as weddings, a restaurant with friends, movies, or sports-related events.

You can choose to make it a group effort as well. If you both feel ready to meet each other’s friends, you can set up an outing where you can meet everyone at the same time. This lessens the chance of it being awkward, all the while you both are feeling comfortable being around your squad.

When you know you’re ready.
There is no optimal amount of time it takes to know and learn about someone; everyone is different. You’ll know the time is right when you’re comfortable with and confident about the guy you’re seeing. You should trust your instinct. Meeting your closest friends is sealing the deal with him, so make sure you’re ready.

Remember, bringing him around your friends is an obvious sign that you’re taking him seriously. After all, not everyone gets the opportunity to meet the people who know you the best.

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