New Year’s Resolutions for Dating Over 40

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2020 is here! The start of the New Year is a great time for making resolutions, but it’s also about creating goals and trying new things to live a more social life. Here are a few easy ways to combine your New Year’s resolutions with your dating goals:

Get More Than a Workout at the Gym
If you’re dating over 40 and your goals include finding the right person for you and getting fit, perhaps you can accomplish both at the gym. The gym is one of the few places where you can actually meet people who are striving for the same fitness goals as you. Let’s face it, most people in the gym are sweaty, and may not be looking their best, but their endorphins chase away the blues and elevate happy hormones. If you can strike up a conversation relating to your workout, it’s a great, natural way to begin a potential friendship or relationship.

Try Something New at the Sushi Bar
If one of your goals is to try new things, why not combine eating with meeting? Instead of going home alone to heat up a Lean Cuisine or the leftovers that your mother gave you, why not head to the Japanese restaurant and sit at the sushi bar. It isn’t the same as going to a restaurant and sitting at the bar. It’s a way to meet people who are there for dinner, rather than sitting at a bar looking like you’re waiting to be picked up. And even if you don’t like sushi, there are plenty of other tasty foods on the menu.

Say Yes to New Experiences
Another popular resolution for the New Year is saying yes more often. Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t go out when your friends ask you. As tempting as going home after work on a cold night and grabbing a glass of wine in your PJs is, force yourself to grab a glass of wine with your friends and mingle instead. Even if you’re asked to go or do things that aren’t interesting to you, try it out!  If you give something new a shot, you may find out that you really do like it, and could even find a new hobby. Make it a year of saying yes.

There are tons of resolutions and goals you can make for the New Year when you’re dating over 40. Make realistic ones and limit them so that you don’t break them before Valentine’s Day. The three that I listed may help you find someone new, and you may find yourself a Valentine come February 14.


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