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Dating Tips from Moms: Online Daters Share the Best and Worst

A piece of dating advice from your mom "Brush your teeth"

Don’t forget to wash behind your ears, finish your dinner, get to school on time, and always mind your manners… Moms are always giving us advice and some of it is really helpful. (After all, you don’t want the back of your ears getting too dirty.) But when it comes to dating advice, moms have a hard time being objective.

So for a little extra fun this Mother’s Day, the online dating site Zoosk asked their members to share the best and worst dating tips their mothers ever gave them. The result was a robust, and often hilarious, collection of warnings, commands, wisdom, tips, and sayings that only a mom could come up with.

Enjoy the dating tips from moms and don’t forget to tell your mom just how much she means to you.

Moms on love and life…

  • Be careful and be happy.
  • Be honest, clean, and polite.
  • Be happy but don’t be anybody’s fool.
  • Be happy and normal. You are what you are.
  • Be yourself and use the values you’ve been taught.
  • Keep your mind open, your eyes open, and your ears open. You’ll know when it’s right.
  • Love many, trust few. Always paddle your own canoe.

Moms on how to meet people…

  • Stay away from the bars.
  • Go to parties.
  • Go ahead and date out of your league. You’re better than you think. Let them find it out later.
  • All cats are grey at night.
  • Date a lot of guys.
  • Be picky.
  • If a guy asks you out, give him one date.
  • Stay away from women.
  • Go to college first.
  • Watch out for all the strays.
  • Remember the first thing someone says about themselves.
  • Stay in your lane.
  • Stay off online dating sites.
  • Just go out there and get a guy. Any guy.

Moms on what to look for in a potential partner…

  • Find someone who makes you laugh.
  • Find someone you can continuously fall in love with.
  • Find your best friend.
  • Find someone like your dad.
  • Find a nice girl who’s down to earth, polite, and isn’t mouthy.
  • Find a girl who makes you happy, knows how to have fun, enjoys life, and can cook.
  • Find a man who gets you… and still loves you anyway.
  • Find a kind man with money.
  • Find someone who compliments you.
  • Find someone who loves you for you.
  • Find a nature lover.
  • Find someone who loves you more than you love them.
  • Find someone who makes you happy.
  • Find someone local.
  • Find someone in the United States.
  • Find a well-balanced woman.

Moms on dating and courtship… 

  • Go for coffee in a public place first.
  • Be a lady at all times.
  • Always be a gentleman.
  • Cut your hair.
  • Be yourself and let the man talk.
  • Ask a lot of questions! Family, friends, living conditions, likes, dislikes, favorite things to do, everything.
  • Keep it simple. Be polite.
  • Talk softly. Walk smooth. When you kiss her, knock her socks off.
  • Give expensive gifts.
  • Eat what’s in front of you.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Ask him as many questions as you can (but without him knowing).
  • Use your utensils.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Always take some ‘mad money’ with you in case you get mad at your date and want to leave.

Moms on women…

  • She’s a good girl if she won’t let you kiss her on the first date.
  • Get inside a girl’s head before you get inside her pants.
  • All women are crazy.
  • Make sure she has a clean house.
  • Every attractive woman wants her nerd.
  • Never make a bar fly your wife.
  • Whoever she may be, whatever she may do, as long as she adores you that’s all that matters.
  • If she can’t accept you at your worst, she doesn’t deserve you at your best.
  • No gold-diggers.
  • She has to be smart.
  • Steer clear of good-looking women who call you whenever they want something done.
  • If a woman reaches over and opens your door after you’ve opened hers, consider her a keeper.

Moms on men…

  • Look at his shoes.
  • Make sure he has a job and washes his hands.
  • He should offer to buy your mother a glass of wine when we go out to dinner.
  • Love your king, not his throne.
  • If he drinks too much, he’s not stable.
  • Pick a man with honor.
  • If he makes you laugh… Deal!
  • It doesn’t matter if he’s rich or poor, just that he’s a good person and works.
  • If he think he’s prettier than you, dump him.
  • Ask about his relationship with his mom. How he treats her is usually how he treats you.
  • Make sure your man is smarter than you.
  • Make sure he makes you laugh.
  • It’s just as easy to love a rich one as it is a poor one.
  • He needs to have a job, phone, car, and his own home.
  • He seems fun at first but those things that were fun turn out to really irritate you later.

Moms on relationships… 

  • Listen to what they don’t say.
  • Be in charge!
  • Make sure the differences you have are differences you can live with.
  • 100 dates before someone moves in together.
  • Always trust your head. The heart will mislead you at times.
  • Never lose your sense of self.
  • Sometimes you don’t get to pick who you love.
  • If it seems harder than it should, it’s probably not right.
  • A persons needs to show you that they love you, not just say that they love you.
  • A relationship is hard, and it’s work. But in the end it pays off.
  • Bring her home and let me meet her.
  • A good relationship has two things, sex and communication. Lose one and you lose the other.
  • Your taste changes over time. Kindness, character, and a sense of humor last much longer than appearances.

Moms on marriage… 

  • Date someone for two years before you get married.
  • You made your bed now lie in it.
  • Take care of your man and he’ll take care of you.
  • If you marry for money, you’ll earn every penny.
  • Marry in haste, repent in leisure.
  • Nobody is going to buy the cow if they can get the milk for free.
  • You can marry more money in 10 minutes then you can make in a lifetime.
  • The woman standing next to you at the alter may not be thinking the same think about the future as you are.
  • Put your all into someone who will put their all into you.

Moms on working through problems…

  • Take a person for their worth and listen to what they have to say.
  • If you truly love the person, it doesn’t matter where you live.
  • Go have sex and make up.
  • As soon as they lie, leave.
  • Let her pick.
  • If you’re unsure, do nothing. Clarity will come in good time.
  • Don’t assume you know how someone feels. Be up front with each other.
  • There is always a way when there seems to be no way.
  • If a man is ever abusive or hits you, tell him to run.
  • Being with the wrong person is worse than being alone.
  • Once a cheater, always a cheater.
  • Show respect and watch your mouth.
  • You don’t need someone who’s going to bring you down.
  • Leave him and find someone else while you’re still pretty.
  • She won’t be the last one.

Moms on what not to do… 

  • Don’t rush into a serious relationship.
  • Don’t call him.
  • Don’t do it.
  • Don’t give up.
  • Don’t be easy.
  • Don’t chase boys.
  • Don’t be stupid.
  • Don’t date other musicians.
  • Don’t get married until you’re 25.
  • Don’t settle.
  • Don’t get anyone pregnant.
  • Don’t put out too soon.
  • Don’t date anyone who’s married.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Don’t get a disease.
  • Don’t date just one person.
  • Don’t date someone who’s flirty.
  • Don’t date women with paint-by-number faces.
  • Don’t date the oldest child in the family.
  • Don’t let yourself get hurt.
  • Don’t date anyone who does drugs.
  • Don’t think about sex all the time.
  • Don’t start a relationship on a lie.
  • Don’t be like me.
  • Don’t think, just do it.
  • Don’t marry her.
  • Don’t marry him.
  • Don’t date someone who’s psycho.
  • Don’t be afraid to date outside your race.
  • Don’t be cheap.
  • Don’t date an alcoholic.
  • Don’t choose someone you can’t live without, choose someone you can live with.
  • Don’t change to please someone.
  • Don’t marry someone like I did.
  • Don’t date younger women.
  • Don’t wine and dine them too soon, they’ll expect it forever.
  • Don’t wear your heart of your sleeve.
  • Don’t let him take advantage of you and get his license plate number.
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