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How to Seduce a Man: Real Men Reveal What Works

A woman who learned how to seduce a man, straddling her boyfriend on a couch, preparing to kiss him.

Let’s be blunt—it usually doesn’t take much to get a man to want to have sex with you. But if you’re looking for something more than a fling, you may want to review your physical and virtual seduction techniques and learn how to seduce a man properly. Seduction, when done right, isn’t about throwing yourself at someone. It’s about slowly, drawing the man in and keeping him wanting more until you have him hooked.

To help you master the subtle yet powerful art of seduction, here are tips from single guys on how to seduce a man. Take notes, ladies…

How to seduce a man: the definitive guide

Be yourself in the seduction process.
Most men would agree that aside from the superficial qualities, personality and confidence is everything. “Nothing is more seductive than a woman who carries herself well and exudes sex appeal. This means someone who’s comfortable in her own skin and who knows what she wants from a man,” says Brandon, 42.

Use clothing and posture to your advantage.
You can instantly look more seductive by simply keeping your shoulders back, chin up, and making eye contact. And don’t forget that the right clothing can give you an advantage too.

“I’m not saying it all has to be on display but a flattering dress can go a long way,” says Jason, 36. “For most men, it doesn’t even matter if you’re a size or two bigger than you prefer. If we’re looking at you, we want what you have.”

Keep your online profile pics classy.
Men may appreciate images of scantily-clad women, but they’re more inclined to choose a woman who’s more subtle when they’re serious. “Sometimes I notice women will post pictures of themselves that should be censored.  I think they’re attracting the wrong type of guy in those cases,” says Marco, 48. “I love when women leave more to the imagination in their profile pictures.”

Tell him what you want.
If you know what you’re into and what turns you on, tell him, even if it’s just in a teasing way… that you actually really mean. Bare it all, verbally. “Some woman may underestimate the power of seduction through words.  There’s nothing more sexy than hearing what a woman wants, what turns her on… it really gets a man thinking sexual thoughts,” says Bryan, 40.

For shy women, talk low.
He’ll have to lean in to listen to you, which creates a small, intimate place for the two of you. “I find quiet women super sexy.  There’s a bit of mystery that is very seductive,” says Darron, 51.

Don’t forget the power of a simple touch.
This doesn’t mean grabbing his bicep, but a small touch on his hand or knee, could set that spark into a full-on fire.  The body loves to be touched and not only will this make the hairs on his neck rise, but it’s also a bit spontaneous because he won’t be expecting it. So with that said…

Be spontaneous.
Being seductive is all about spontaneity. Nothing ruins an intimate moment quicker than overthinking things. If you’re feeling sexy, act on it.  “My days and nights during the week are so routine that it’s very seductive when a woman surprises me with an unexpected visit, last minute weekend plans, or even just a spontaneous phone call,” says Collin, 29.

Leave the arrogance and cattiness at the door.
“I absolutely hate it when women bash other women, especially when they don’t even know one another. Or, when they act better than you or that you deserve them.  That’s the opposite of seduction,” says 39-year-old, Dominick.  That seductive confidence is about intrigue without dishonesty, while bashing other women can be a turn-off and a mark of insecurity.

Don’t over-promise and under-deliver.
While seducing someone for the long haul, may require a bit more teasing and playing up the mystery, nothing frustrates men more than being toyed with and led in under false pretences.  Remember your seducing him, not playing games.

Part of the fun of being with someone is the, well, chase. Even if you both know exactly where you’re end up at the end, it’s super rewarding to learn how to seduce  a man – not to mention fun!

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