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Where to Meet Women (New and Creative Ideas)

A man who was looking where to meet women, dancing with a woman at a dancing class.

Bars and clubs are two of the worst places to meet women. It’s loud, there’s too much alcohol involved, and she might just want to be left alone to enjoy a night with her friends. The last thing you want is to be that guy pestering her.

So where else can you meet single women? Dating apps are a great idea, but it’s easy to get burnt out and it’s good to mix things up with some real life interactions. 

Women are everywhere, all around you, all the time. If you’re looking for new ways to meet local women, you just need to open your eyes, and be into trying new things.

Are you in?

Here are nine creative ideas to meet women:

1. Get moving.
Whether you’re already pretty active, or you’re looking to get back into shape, you can get fit by joining a workout group, the gym, or even a running club. You’ll be more motivated to work out because you’re not left to your own devices, and you’ll meet fun and like-minded people at the same time.

Gyms and classes like these are usually full of fit and attractive women who are looking to socialize.

2. Volunteer.
Maybe you’re the kind of guy who likes to regularly give back to your community, and do something nice for others. Maybe you’ve never done a thing like this in your life—but there’s no better time to start than now. Make a list of things you care about that are close to your heart, then look for causes that support those things.

Volunteering at charity events is a great way to meet kind, generous women who also like helping others. Just by turning up, you’ll be letting these women know you’re also a kind, selfless person who likes to help people—which is an extremely attractive quality to many women.

3. Go to or throw a party.
House parties are a fabulous way to meet women, because everyone is usually a friend of someone’s friend, so there’ll be mutual connections you share and can talk about to break the ice.

If you find you don’t get invited to many parties like these, then why not host your own? Invite your friends (male and female), tell them to bring a couple of friends, and you’ve got a party!

4. Take a cooking class.
Where are you with your cooking skill level right now? Are beans on toast your specialty, or do you know your way around the kitchen? Either way, there’s no harm in improving your cooking skills, and cooking classes are a really fun way to meet women from all kinds of interesting backgrounds, and connect over some delicious food.

You’ll also get to eat the amazing food you cook, so even if there’s no one you’re attracted to, you’re still winning.

5. Head to a coffee house.
If you like coffee, then coffee shops are a great place to meet women. They’re always full of people working away on their laptops and tablets, and people on their way to the office in the mornings. There’s also a wonderful, relaxed vibe in these places, so you won’t feel odd striking up a conversation with a stranger.

If you spot someone you’re interested in, ask her if you can sit by her table if it’s busy, or sit on the table next to her if there’s room. You could ask her for the Wi-Fi password, what she recommends to drink, or what she’s working on to get the conversation going. But be warned—if she looks stressed or totally in the zone, it’s best to leave her alone until she has a break.

6. Galleries and art museums.
Artsy places like this are a great way to meet sophisticated, cultured women, who are interested in the world and learning new things. Galleries and museums are places that women will often attend alone, so you won’t have to try to figure out how to get her away for a moment from her friends.

Use the art on display to strike up a conversation—it can be as easy as asking her what she thought of the exhibit or if she had a favorite piece.

7. Go dancing.
This might be way out of your comfort zone, but if you can find the courage, you’ll be highly rewarded. Dance classes are almost always filled with 90% women, who are looking for partners.

Dancing is also a really fun way to work out, socialize, and improve your dancing skills of course! Try lots of different styles of dance until you find one that’s a good fit for you.

8. The grocery store.
The grocery store is another surprisingly great place to meet single women. If you see her reaching for something off a high shelf, you can help her out with it; or make conversation in the checkout line with someone. You could also share tips on something you’ve tried that she’s hovering over; or if you’ve seen her there a few times, you can definitely use that as the start to your conversation.

A trip down the cereal aisle will never be the same again.

9. On your ride to work.
If you get the train, bus, or subway/underground into work each morning, you’ve probably noticed a lot of attractive women that you’d like to talk to. If you’ve shied away from doing so, I don’t blame you, because it can be pretty difficult to do—especially as a lot of women will have their eyes on their phone, a book, or their headphones in. But this can be a great place to have an amazing conversation, because you’ll probably be sat together for the next 20 minutes at least.

Make sure you’re respectful of her space and comfort, because you don’t want to come across as creepy. But if you meet eyes, and she smiles, ask her what she’s reading. Make a comment about the commute. Or just say good morning. Even if your conversation stays casual and you say goodbye at the end of your ride, it’s good practice and gets you comfortable with approaching people. 

There are endless ways to meet women apart from bars and clubs. Try some of these ideas out for yourself, and see what happens!

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