Happy International Flirting Week!

A couple flirting in the city.

In celebration of International Flirting Week and Valentine’s Day, Zoosk conducted a survey among more than 13,000 of its members around the world to gather their thoughts on flirting—why they do it, how they do it, and who does it best.

Says Robin Gorman Newman, founder of International Flirting Week: “As the Zoosk survey shows, many view flirting as fun even if they don’t want to date the person, but it’s also a way to jumpstart a relationship or rekindle romance.  In our busy lives, flirting can be a quick and effective way to remind your mate that you love and are excited by them.”


It’s a battle of the sexes!

  • The majority of men (60%) think that women are the biggest flirts, and the majority of women (53%) think that men are more flirtatious!

#1 reason why people flirt? It’s fun.

  • 41% of men and women around the world say, “flirting is just playful fun!”
  • 20% say is it a good ice breaker when dating, although only 11% say they flirt to attract a partner.
  • 18% say flirting helps keep the romance alive in a relationship

Both men and women admit to flirting just for fun.

  • More than half of men (54%) will flirt with a woman even if he is not interested in pursuing a relationship with her.
  • 41% of women will flirt with a man even if she is not interested in pursuing a relationship with him.

Flirting keeps the romance alive.

  • 89% of men and women think that it is important to flirt with your significant other even when in an established relationship.

Biggest turn-off when it comes to flirting?

  • 32% say coming on too strong and invading personal space are the biggest turn offs.
  • 20% say corny pick up lines are a turn off.
  • 20% say inappropriate comments about one’s physical appearance.
  • 7% say suggestive body language.

We all know it and they admit it: Italians are flirts!

  • 97% of Italian men consider themselves a flirt, but American men are not too far behind at 76%.


Julie T.

Juliette is a freelance writer with years of experience covering dating and relationships.

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