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8 Signs of Love That Show You’re With the Right Person

A couple who's showing signs of love, looking into each other's eyes intensely before kissing.

Many people spend a good portion of their lives on a journey looking for the one. Their perfect person—their soul mate. Because nobody wants to get married, fast forward 30 years, and realize they picked the wrong person. How much of a bummer would that be? 

But how do you know you’re with the right person? What are the signs? Are there any signs at all? How are you supposed to feel?

Truth be told, love is different every time for every couple. And, chances are the one for you isn’t going to look or feel the way you think. But, there are a few common signs that prove you’re with the right partner.

You can be yourself.
How exhausting would it be to constantly wear a mask and pretend you’re someone you’re not in a relationship? Nobody’s got time for that.

When you can be your fabulous, authentic self, speak your truth, and love what you love when you’re with your partner, that means that they accept your differences and cherish them.

They help you become a better person.
It’s not that you need improving or fixing, it’s more that you make each other even better than you already are; because you show each other points of views and ideas from a new perspective.

You become each other’s teachers, you learn valuable lessons along the way, you evolve together, and you move closer to your soul truth.

You fight productively.
All couples fight. (And if they say they don’t, they’re lying or there’s something seriously wrong.) But when you’re with the right partner, fighting isn’t about blaming, or winning. It’s about understanding each other better, and navigating through this blip with nothing but love and respect.

When you’re able to fight without voices being raised, or one or both people storming off; and you feel closer than you did before—you’re doing it right.  

You don’t want to change them.
And they don’t want to change you either. You both accept that neither of you are perfect, and you both have your flaws—like every human does. But you love and accept each other fully. And that’s the key to any successful partnership.

You have a physical and emotional connection.
It’s important to be physically attracted to someone, but that can only take you so far. For a relationship to grow and survive, you need an emotional connection too. This is what deepens your connection, and allows real love to bloom.

If you have both, you’re not only lucky to have found each other, but you’re also with the right person.

You’re always there for each other.
There will be ups and downs in all relationships, and you’ve made a commitment to each other which means you’ll be there no matter what. You give to each other without expecting anything in return, because that’s what it means to be in love.

If you can count on each other to show up, especially when things get rocky, you know you’re with someone who loves you deeply.

You make a good team.
Do you find you can work together well, like when you’re rowing a boat, or painting your house, or organizing a party? It takes time to learn to work well with someone, but the more you work on it the better you’ll get. If you find you two make a good team, then you’re in the right relationship.

You’re excited for your future together.
Do you find you both talk about getting married, raising a family, or traveling the world together? Do you both make plans for the future, and stick to them? Do you both say ‘we’ instead of ‘I’?

If you’re open with each other about the future, and you picture it with both of you in it, then you’ve found someone who shares the same values as you do.

If you want your future with them in it, and they want you in theirs, what more of a sign do you need?

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