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13 Online Dating Selfie Ideas to Show Off Your Personality

A girl talking a selfie of herself for her online dating profile.

Love them or hate them, in the world of online dating selfies have a definite value—they’re easy to take, you can make sure you look good, and (perhaps most importantly) they’re all about you. But with so many selfies out there, how can you make sure you stand out and send the right message?

We did some research about the different types of selfies and came up with a few creative ideas that will help you show off the different sides of your personality while taking a great photo.

Sunglass Selfie

We hate to admit it, but almost everyone looks cooler and better in a pair of great shades. Maybe it’s just easier to be confident and take a good photo when half of your face is hidden (or maybe it just looks a lot nicer than squinting into the sun) but the Sunglass Selfie has always been a favorite.

Summit Selfie

The Summit Selfie serves two main purposes—it shows that you’re an outdoor, adventurous person and it’s almost always taken somewhere breathtakingly beautiful. Be it the top of a ski lift, a great view at the end of a hike, or an amazing view during a favorite run, the Summit Selfie shows people that you like to get out and get active.

Shy Selfie

(also known as the Sweet-Selfie)
Shy Selfies are for those of you who aren’t completely comfortable with the idea of the selfie (or perhaps just want to look that way). You can look down, laugh at yourself, look away, or hide behind a hand. It’s a little bit flirty and completely endearing.

Pet Selfie

Everyone looks better when snuggled up against their favorite furry friend. Pet selfies are one of the most popular selfies because, let’s face it, dogs and cats pretty much rule the internet. Use one to attract your fellow pet-lovers and show that you’re both capable of love and taking care of another living thing.


Anyone who’s a big reader knows that a bookshelf can reveal a lot about someone (or at least spark some good conversations). So what better way to show who you are then by showcasing your beautiful self and your book collection?

Driver’s Seat Selfie

The windows are rolled down, the wind’s in your hair, and you’re on your way to somewhere that potential dates can only imagine is amazing. The Driver’s Seat Selfie hints at an adventurous and take-charge personality. You take trips, you go places, you’re in control, and (let’s not forget) you have your shit together enough to own a car.

Silly Selfie

One of the most popular qualities that both men and women are looking for in another person, is someone who can make them laugh. Adding a photo with a silly face or a little humor into your mix of photos is a good way to show off your light-hearted side and can help you stand out from the crowd. Also, if it’s weird enough it can be a real conversation starter. “Did you really eat that starfish?” 

Super Deep Selfie

Maybe you’re on the train or at a museum, maybe you’re sipping from your coffee cup, or perhaps you’re just looking off into the unknown. The Super Deep Selfie is best used along with the indigo Instagram filter (you know the noir-esque black and white one) or, at the very least, something a little dark. It shows that you have a serious side, you’re thoughtful, and you look good while brooding.

Shadow Selfie

Want to be really mysterious? Or just a little artsy? Though it’s not technically a selfie in the truest sense of the word, the Shadow Selfie is a fun way to show another side of yourself. Make a peace sign, embrace the sky, or simply take a shot of your shadow on an interesting surface.


A Footsie is another non-traditional selfie that can be a fun addition to mix in with your other photos. Think about it—it shows the perspective you have on a specific moment and helps the other person get an idea of where you’ve been. Take one at the park, poolside on vacation, while reading your favorite book, or watching a sunset.

Adventure Selfie

If you’re the adventurous type, taking a shot while biking, running, climbing, skiing, or skydiving can help you attract your fellow adventurers. And the Adventure Selfie is a great conversation starter since people always want to know the story about what happened.


Even though it’s a bit reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project, this is actually a great selfie if you’re not exactly sure what you want to say but want to look different. It’s a little mysterious, a little silly, and can even come across as flirty. Also, it can help you get more attention when people are quickly swiping or scrolling through profiles.

Seasonal Selfie

Ask any marketer and they’ll tell you that seasonal topics and campaigns always perform well. Why? Because they’re more relevant and feel fresh and new. And in online dating they also have the added benefit of giving you more to talk about. So put on a Santa hat, grab some spring flowers or a fall pumpkin, and snap a shot that fits the season.

If all this talk of selfies has you feeling hesitant about showing off, remember that your dating profile is one place where it’s important to make it all about you. In fact, according to a study from the online dating site Zoosk, people who have a profile photo with more than one person in it actually get 47% fewer messages. So ditch those group shots and try flipping your camera around. It’s time to focus on your selfie. 

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