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33 Of The Best Dating Apps In 2023 & 2024 For All Styles Of Dating

Women trying out the best dating sites for all styles of dating.

The popularity of dating apps has soared this year. But, while this has given us a lot more options when it comes to catering to every niche and market, it can quickly make things overwhelming when it comes to choosing between the best dating apps in 2022.

That’s why we’re here to help! We’ve done the legwork here and put together a list of some of the most popular and best dating apps in 2022. From free apps to religious apps to those focused on long-term relationships, there’s something for everyone here!

How Apps Changed Dating

As online dating gradually began taking off in the early oughts, companies quickly began to realize that large influxes of customers would create the same disparity that comes from in-person dating. That issue was overwhelming amounts of choices, and so more specific platforms were developed to cater to smaller, like-minded communities. 

Once singles began flocking to apps that suited their lifestyle and values better, matchmaking rates improved significantly. As algorithms advanced, compatibility became easier because filters allowed people to find potential companions who shared not only their way of life but also their particular interests.

Today in 2023, we find ourselves with an abundance of hyper-specific dating apps tailored to every subset of the online dating community. And while this diversity and inclusion is certainly something to be celebrated, it can make choosing the right service even more difficult. We understand you may not want to pigeonhole your preferences, and that’s valid with so many options out there.

Pros and Cons of Dating Apps

When trying to decide which dating app will be the best for you personally, there are often some factors you need to assess beforehand. There will be positives and negatives to every platform, but first, you may want to consider the fundamental advantages and disadvantages that come with online dating in general.


Online dating is meant to be an enjoyable experience for both parties. A few ways this is evident across the wide variety of services are:


    Using dating apps obviously also has other negative connotations, with the main gripe being on the personal side of establishing relationships. However, with online dating, these can often be surpassed after a short feeling-out period is achieved.

      Deciding on the Right Dating App

      There can be a ton to assess when it comes to diving head-first into online dating, but even once you have weighed out the benefits or setbacks of the practice, it is not enough to replace actually using the apps yourselves. Below we’ve listed the most popular dating apps used by singles everywhere in the modern world. Some you may have heard of; others may be brand new to you and could spark your fancy to get back out in the dating world today! We’ve conveniently separated each set of apps into their own specific categories.

      The Best Free Dating Apps for Couples

      1. Tinder

      As one of the most popular dating apps around, we’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of this one. Tinder, well-known for its ‘swipe’ function, lets users swipe right on profiles they’re interested in and left on the ones they’re not. Its dating platform is straightforward and creates matches based on your location.

      2. Ship

      Ship is pretty unique in that once you sign up, you can add others — those who really trust — to swipe and connect on your behalf. It’s a nice idea! And, with dating app fatigue becoming more common, why let your friends take over for a bit?

      3. Hinge

      Hinge searches for matches based on your existing social network. Users sign up using their Facebook accounts so the connections you make shouldn’t be entirely new. This can be a good feature for those who feel a bit nervous or anxious when dating online for the first time.

      4. Coffee Meets Bagel

      Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the most popular dating apps. It sends daily matches — referred to as ‘bagels’ — and promotes conversation through its personalized ice breakers. This one is a good dating site for those who don’t want to be left on ‘read’.

      5. Bumble

      Bumble is a dating app designed with women in mind. Its standout feature is that only women can message first, allowing them to take the first step and spark conversation. This is often argued as one of the best dating apps in 2023 and is a great choice for women who’re looking to make the first move!

      6. Facebook Dating

      What can’t you do on Facebook these days? The social network’s dating app had a somewhat understated launch but is steadily growing in popularity. Not surprisingly, users need to have a Facebook account to sign-up and the platform focuses more on promoting profiles rather than straightforward swiping. 

      7. Hily

      One of the newer dating apps to enter the market, Hily uses the classic swiping functions, likes, and messages to connect with matches. It also gives its users the option to create stories to really help your personality to shine!

      8. Clover

      Clover has a bit of everything when it comes to features. The traditional swiping is there, as well as instant chat options, and some social mixers that focus more on making connections rather than on the usual dating pressure.

      9. Badoo

      Unlike others on this list, there’s no swiping with Badoo. Instead, it provides a small selection of singles for you to choose from. These – amazingly – are based on what celebrity you’re attracted to! After uploading a pic of a sexy celeb, Badoo aims to find someone who looks like that for you. 

      The Best LGBT Dating Apps

      10. Grindr

      Grindr is one of the most popular gay dating apps out there. You’ll get alerts whenever potential matches are nearby, making it easier to form new connections. Grindr has a good reputation for success when it comes to online dating, so if you’re a gay man looking for meaningful connections, this could be a top choice for you.

      11. Her

      Her is one of the most popular lesbian dating sites on the market. Like many of the previously mentioned choices, it has the traditional swiping function for accepting or declining potential matches. 

      12. Chappy

      When it comes to gay dating, Chappy is arguably one of the best dating apps in 2022. Its filtering options let you search based on what you’re looking for, from a casual relationship to something more serious. The app itself is pretty simple but can be great if you’re looking for an open, inclusive space where you can search for Mr. Right.

      13. Zoe

      The popularity of LGBT dating apps has been rising rapidly. One of the top choices is Zoe, which focuses on lesbian, bisexual, and queer women. As is the modern way, swiping is the way to match on Zoe but it has the added feature of asking questions while you do so. This helps the platform to get a better understanding of your preferences and partner compatibility, helping to send you more suitable matches.

      The Best Religious Dating Apps

      14. JSwipe

      JSwipe is one of the largest and fastest-growing Jewish dating apps in the US. The platform has helped thousands of Jewish millennials find love, romance, and friendship since its launch. It didn’t take long for JSwipe to establish itself as a top choice among Jewish singles looking to meet others who share their culture and beliefs.

      15. Christian Mingle

      Are you a relationship-ready single Christian seeking a match who shares your beliefs and values? Christian Mingle might be exactly what you’re looking for! It’s one of the most popular religious dating apps out there and focuses on creating God-centered relationships between like-minded singles.

      16. LDS Singles

      Created in 1996, LDS Singles is a go-to dating app for finding love within the Mormon community. It focuses on connecting singles who share the same values and offers rich, in-depth profiles and meaningful matches.

      17. Jdate

      Another popular choice when it comes to Jewish dating is Jdate. Originally just a dating site, the platform launched its dating app in recent years to join the ever-growing market. If you’re seeking marriage-minded Jewish singles, this might be one of the best dating apps in 2022 for you.

      The Best Niche Dating Apps

      18. Tastebuds

      Are you a food-lover? Then Tastebuds might be the perfect dating app for you to find your one in a million! This unique platform combines some social media-like elements to allow you and your matches to chat casually about all things food!

      19. Dig

      Do you already have a special someone in your life? Is that special someone a flurry friend by any chance? You guessed it, Dig is a dating app for dog lovers! This dedicated platform lets you connect with other singles who share your love of dogs. The app offers traditional swiping functionality and is full of singles who value pets as much as you do.

      20. Align

      Do you feel that love is sometimes written in the stars? If so, then Align might be one of the best dating apps in 2022 for you! Matches are based on star signs and user can create their profile around this.

      21. Datefit

      For dedicated gym-goers, Datefit is a top-rated dating app. Make connections with other singles based on your favorite workouts and routines, and find a partner who shares your love of the journey towards full fitness.

      22. Loosid

      In the US, around 34% of people don’t drink alcohol. That’s a significant amount and a group for which the popular dating app Loosid is catered. Looking to meet someone special, go out together, and have a good time without the involvement of alcohol? Loosid’s open community is perfect for this, focusing on those who choose not to drink, can’t drink, or who have battled with alcohol addiction.

      The Top Members-Only Dating Apps

      23. Inner Circle

      Inner Circle focuses on encouraging singles to take dating seriously. It’s aimed at those tired of the status quo and has a thorough screening process to keep its membership within the ‘inner circle’. 

      24. The League

      The League is a premium dating app that requires users to provide information about themselves to sign-up. The required information includes things like your educational background, your LinkedIn account, and your job title.

      25. Luxy

      For those looking to meet a millionaire, Luxy is a great choice! This top-rated dating app is targeted towards financially well-off singles who’re looking to date without any concerns of being sought after purely for their cash.

      26. Raya

      Raya only accepts members who meet specific criteria, if you have a job in a certain industry, for example. If you meet the requirements, your profile will be checked by the current members before you’re accepted onto this members-only dating app.

      The Best Dating Apps for Serious Relationships

      27. EliteSingles

      EliteSingles is one of the best dating apps in 2022 if you’re looking for a long-lasting relationship. It focuses on professional singles and forming connections between those looking for long-term love. Signing up only requires an email address and a password so getting started couldn’t be easier!

      28. SilverSingles

      SilverSingles is an exclusive online community for singles aged 50 and over. It focuses on connecting like-minded mature singles who’ve been through similar life experiences. So whether you’re looking to get back into dating after a divorce or you’re looking to rediscover your adventurous side, this dating app is a fantastic choice!

      29. Match

      If you’re looking for one of the best dating apps for serious relationships, Match is probably a good place to start. You can create a profile and see who’s out there before you decide to shell out for a membership. Get going with matches right away and start meeting people — it’s as simple as that!

      30. OkCupid

      OkCupid is pretty well known in the world of online dating. It features a nice personality test that helps the platform to understand your profile and preferences. Its community is also very open and diverse with plenty of different sexual orientations and gender identities. 

      31. POF

      POF, otherwise known as Plenty of Fish, was created back in 2003. The platform tends to focus on serious relationships a bit more than its competitors. The sign-up process is quite lengthy, featuring a ‘chemistry’ test aimed to help you get more suitable matches.

      32. eHarmony

      eHarmony is one of the most popular dating apps in the US. Its emphasis on personalities gives it a unique angle and its focus on marriage-minded singles makes it a top choice for those looking for a long-term relationship.

      33. Zoosk

      Zoosk is often hailed as one of the best dating apps in 2022. Its popularity in the US has soared, with millions of members joining the platform to find real, meaningful connections. The best thing about Zoosk is that it fits all markets, whether you’re looking for casual connections or a serious relationship. 

      Zoosk members enjoy an open, respectful, and diverse community that helps to put the fun back into online dating. Its live streaming platform — Zoosk Live — is a popular social dating community for casual daters looking to make new connections. Jump into any stream, join the conversation, and or even try streaming yourself! 

      Alongside its innovative features, Zoosk is often argued to be one of the best dating apps in 2022 due to its matchmaking technologies. The app is packed full of smart features and a clever algorithm that learns your personal preferences to send you daily matches. Making new connections couldn’t be any easier!

      Dating App FAQs

      Many people have a lot of questions when it comes to the online dating landscape, no matter whether they’ve used numerous apps before or are just trying one out for the first time. If you’re curious about the most commonly asked topics concerning dating apps, please read below.

      Are Dating Platforms Safe?

      While dating apps are generally safe, you always want to take proper precautions when first interacting with strangers, much like in real life. Dating apps offer a variety of security, and customer support features are available if you’re ever in any distress. Abnormal interactions may be reported at any time, and anyone who breaks the rules will receive adequate punishment.

      However, it goes without saying that any first in-person encounters should be done in a public space, and you should take measures so that you’re not reliant on the other person for transportation. While dating apps can take measures on their platform, they can only help after the fact if an incident takes place in real life.

      How Do I Join a Dating App?

      Joining a dating service is usually as easy as downloading the app from your phone’s respective store and signing up for an account using your email address. From there, you’ll be encouraged to create your own personal profile, fill it up with information and images highlighting your personality, and you’re off to the races. 

      Some dating apps will occasionally require different steps regarding verification of identity, additional specific information pertaining to their particular app, and even photo approval. However, joining a dating app is usually a relatively quick and painless process.

      Can I Join Dating Apps for Free?

      The majority of popular dating apps on the market today all have a free model, but they may also offer an additional paid subscription service that provides supplemental or exclusive features. These can also sometimes be separated into a variety of pay structures, which allows you to select the tier that best fits your needs.

      How Do I Find Matches?

      Once you’ve undergone the account sign-up and profile creation process, you’re free to start entering the dating world. Typically, the matching process will be highlighted on the main tab of an app, but specific filtering and alternate searching styles may be presented to offer users different available singles. There also may be other types of ways to interact, such as live streaming or playing a digital game.

      Am I Able To Interact With Others?

      Yes, there are multiple ways you’ll be able to interact with others across various dating platforms. Dating apps often allow you to say you’re interested in someone, but it’s not until later if and when they reciprocate that motion, that you’ll be able to message, or even video chat with each other.

      Some apps allow you to “poke” another person in hopes that they will notice them back, and others will allow an individual to send a blind message without the other person anticipating it first. You’ll want to look into different apps to learn which matchmaking method most interests you.

      What Types of Photos Are Allowed?

      The range of photos you’ll be able to select for your personal profile will largely depend on the dating app you’re using, but a general rule of practice is to provide solo pictures that preferably are not selfies. You should distinguish yourself apart from others so there’s no confusion over who you are and what you look like. Some dating apps feature a review process, which not only limits the number of pictures you select to about five to eight but also requires a review process to be completed by compliance teams. This ensures added safety and verification to help improve the overall user experience.

      Am I Able to Change My Location?

      Yes, in almost every dating app, you will be able to select the range in miles that you would like to encompass when looking for a potential match. Also, many times you may look in your immediate area, but if you continue to use a regional form of the app, you’ll also be able to match with people back home if you’re away.

      The purpose of dating apps is to expand your reach to other singles who may not even be in your area, so the ability to reach further if you’re in a remote location is invaluable. The same goes for bustling cities, border towns, and even smaller states in which people can travel across whole regions.

      How Can I Report Inappropriate Behavior?

      Certainly, customer service is provided on all the dating apps listed above, and safety and security are paramount for their teams. Flushing out and addressing the situation at hand, then handling it accordingly will be the standard process once inappropriate behavior, harassment, or a fraudulent encounter is reported. Each site will have its respective portal to make these claims.

      If you ever feel like you’re experiencing a negative experience with another user on a dating app, don’t hesitate to alert the compliance team of the profile in hopes of preventing the behavior from continuing.

      What If I Want To Delete My Account?

      Any user of a dating app may delete their account at any time. If it’s a free profile, you will likely be asked if you’d also like to delete your data, meaning your full profile will be wiped from the server. If not, you may be able to rejoin the app at a later date with your past profile information already stored. If you’re on a subscription service, your account will not be terminated until the payment period has been fulfilled. 

      However, even once you leave a dating app, they may still be able to use your data and usage history to compile statistics for their own reporting. This is a common practice, however, and nothing further needs to be done if you want to leave a dating platform. Just remember to save any contact information of connections you’ve made worth keeping!

      Are There Testimonials Available to Read?

      Each online dating service is proud to share its illustrious history and boast about the thousands of relationships they’ve helped facilitate. No matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed to see a tab or page dedicated to the couples who found love on a respective platform, only to be surprised it actually flourished into a meaningful, long-term relationship. You can read these countless testimonials by visiting the websites of these different dating apps. Who knows, you may feel inspired yourself!

      So what are you waiting for? Meaningful connections are just a sign-up away! Get started on Zoosk today!

      *The Date Mix is owned by Zoosk, Inc. Except for EliteSingles, SilverSingles, Christian Mingle, Jdate, JSwipe & LDS Singles, Zoosk, Inc is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any of the brands mentioned in this article, or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates. They are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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