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How Does Hinge Work: A Beginner’s Guide

A girl who was wondering how does Hinge work, smiling as she texts on her phone to a guy she matched with.

Hinge is a popular dating app that aims to connect singles for the longer term. But, how does Hinge work? Well, similarly to other popular dating apps, Hinger users like and respond directly to specific photos and prompts to match with each other.

But that’s just the basic overview. If you’re thinking of giving Hinge a try, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to give you some insight into the ins and outs of the app, and give you a few tips to get started.

How Does Hinge Work? Our Guide to Get You Started

Step 1: Set up your account

When creating your account, you have the option to sign up with your Facebook profile and automatically import information from there or use a mobile phone number and enter your profile information yourself.

Next, the app will ask you for some details and a few other tidbits. Your answers can be hidden if you feel any of the information is too private but will be used to match you with people. But remember: The questions are meant to help you find the best possible match, so share as much as you’re comfortable with.

Step 2: Pick your photos

Selecting the right photos for your profile can be one of the trickiest parts of online dating. These images will not be enough space to tell your life story, of course, but the limited space gives you an opportunity to highlight what you want your profile to show.

And this should be a no-brainer, but the number one feature on your profile should be you. Most photos should feature you front and center with your best smile, showing off those pearly whites.

Avoid photos, where you’re not the main entree. People are on your profile to meet you, not your friends. One photo of you in a small group can be good, but make sure there isn’t any question of which person in the photo your profile belongs to.

Also, make sure that your photos are high-resolution images. Grainy, spotty, or unclear photos can be a bit of a red flag for potential matches.

Step 3: Fill out your prompts

One of Hinge’s unique features is its profile prompts. There are around 80 of these fun little text blurbs like “I know I’ve made it when…”, “The dorkiest thing about me is…”, or “The award I should be nominated for…” Pick three and fill them out in 150 characters or less.

This feature is an opportunity for you to be interesting, funny, and maybe a little vulnerable. You might come across profiles with canned responses and these are pretty easily spotted. They also don’t help someone get to know you.

It’s a dead cliché at this point, but it’s really important to be yourself. If you’re searching for an answer to the question ‘how does Hinge work’, it’s safe to assume you’re looking for something more meaningful and long-term, so it’s best to start with honesty.

Step 4: Start liking people

Once your profile is all set up, it’s time to start sending likes and finding your future love. As mentioned before, Hinge allows people to like and comment on specific photos or prompts on someone’s profile. This feature helps people find common ground.

If their profile pic is of them climbing a rock wall, don’t be shy about reaching out about your last attempt at bouldering. When you like someone, your response will be the first thing they see from you. If they like you back, it’s a match and you can get straight to chatting.

So that’s it! Hopefully the big question of ‘how does Hinge work’ now seems a little less daunting. If matches or easy first dates don’t start rolling in right away, don’t fret. Practice playing around with your profile and tweaking different elements. Hinge is for long-term relationships and sometimes that takes… well, a long time.

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