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Dating For Older People: Why Love Is Very Much Alive After 50


Dating for older people can be an exciting, rewarding, and incomparable journey. Whether you’re newly single or you’ve been on your own for years, finding love is possible.

Sure, the dating game may have changed since the last time you were in it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take part. 

Think about it: you’re wiser, more confident, and less willing to settle. This puts you in a great position to find a fulfilling connection.

But to do that, there are some things you should take note of first. Here’s our advice on how to navigate dating after 50.

Dating for Older People: How to Find Love After 50

Learn from your previous relationships

Our past relationships can hold many lessons. Take time to look back over your past romances before you start this new chapter.

If you were in a loving committed relationship for decades, think about what made your dynamic successful. Or if you’ve always been unlucky in love, identify your missteps.

Did you go for the right kind of people? What may have held you back from giving a certain connection your all?

Learning from our past can help us understand ourselves better and give us an idea of what kind of traits, and people, we should go for this time around. 

Be accepting of where you are today

If there’s one thing that we can be certain of, it’s that life rarely goes as planned. 

Maybe you’ve just divorced someone you thought you’d be with forever? Or are you just ready to start dating after losing a long-term partner? 

Even if you’ve never had a serious relationship or children, everyone has a history by the time they’re 50. 

Wherever you find yourself, you may begin to critique where you are to where you thought you might be or compare yourself to others. 

Our advice? Avoid doing this. You know what they say, comparison is the thief of joy! 

Instead of seeing what might be missing from your life, notice all that you’ve achieved! You’ve created a vibrant life for yourself. Better yet? You did it all on your own. 

Taking pride in your accomplishments will instill you with confidence and make you more attractive to potential suitors too. 

Open your heart

If you’re dating again for the first time in a long time, being vulnerable with your dates may feel daunting. 

Maybe you’re so used to managing your feelings alone, or been with the same partner for years, that sharing your emotions with someone else seems scary. 

If it does, take a deep breath. One of the great things about dating for older people is that it can move at your own pace. 

Instead of putting yourself out there by revealing too much, take time to get to know someone before opening up. For example, don’t feel pressure to share your entire relationship history with someone on the first date. 

Wait until you that topic comes up or you feel close with someone to reveal any intimate details. In the meantime, share something else with them! 

Take a trip down memory lane and tell a story from your past or open up about your passions. 

Opening up doesn’t have to mean telling them something painful or upsetting. It can mean sharing how you feel, what you believe, or what you want. 

Try out online dating

If you’re not a fan of technology, don’t let that deter you from trying out online dating. It’s simply a tool people use to find love and a pretty good tool at that! 

Start by exploring some online dating sites. There are tons of over 50s online dating platforms that cater to people just like you.

The best online dating advice for older people is to pick one dating site and then, stick with it. Dedicate time to become familiar with it. That way, it’ll feel less intimidating in no time. 

You can even adjust your preferences so that you can find someone of a similar age and expectations. Think of it as a modern-day matchmaker!

Create a dating profile that reflects your personality and start messaging some matches! 

If tackling this part of online dating feels overwhelming, don’t stress. 

Why not search for dating advice online? Or ask a trusted friend or family member for advice?

Try out a new hobby

However, just because you’re looking for love online doesn’t mean you should give up on finding it in-person!

A classic tip for anyone looking for love is to take up a new hobby. This is particularly true when it comes to dating for older people.

Not only will taking up a hobby in your 50s connect you with like-minded individuals, but it’s also beneficial to your overall health.

If you’re currently socially distancing, don’t worry. There are currently tons of classes and groups that meet online. 

Choose a hobby that you’re passionate about. You don’t need to be an expert or have any previous experience in it, just have fun!

It’s a good idea to opt for a pastime that’s age-appropriate and in your locality. That way you’ll meet people in your age range who’re closeby.

Dating when you’re young wasn’t straight-forward and unfortunately, neither is dating for older people. 

It’s a journey full of surprises, joys, and maybe even upsets, but that’s what makes it special. 

One thing is for sure, by taking note of our advice above, you’ll feel prepared for any unexpected turns that come your way! Make the most of it and remember, there’s no age limit on love! 

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