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Mature Women Dating Habits You Should Know

A mature women dating standing confidently and smiling in front of a pink wall.

The way mature women date is much different than the way younger women date. With age comes experience and wisdom that most younger women in their twenties and thirties don’t have yet. And it’s usually this experience that attracts men (of all ages) to more mature women in the first place.

Mature women learned important lessons in their younger dating years about self-love and confidence. They made mistakes, fell in love, fell out of love, broke hearts, got their hearts broken—you name it, they’ve done it. Whether you’re a younger man pursuing a mature woman or an older man getting back into the dating scene, here’s what you can expect from dating mature women.

Mature women are more settled into who they are.
You know how younger women sometimes have a tendency to take on the personality, habits, or routines of their partner? That doesn’t happen as much with mature women. They have their own habits, their routines, and their friendships, and they stick to them. They know who they are and, though they know how to compromise, they’re not going to change their personalities to fit a new partner. Meaning, if your personalities and/or lifestyles don’t necessarily mesh well together at first, they likely never will.

They know their deal breakers.
When women are younger, they’re willing to put up with more. But when they’re older, they know what they like—and what they don’t like. Every woman will have a different set of deal breakers, ranging from not tolerating smoking to not tolerating pets or children. Mature women aren’t afraid to turn down your advances if you don’t meet their requirements.

They’re attracted to confidence.
Mature women have reached a point in life where they’re confident and comfortable with who they are. Which is exactly what they’re looking for in a partner. If you’re interested in asking her out, go for it! Mature women know what they want, and they’re attracted to men who are, too.

Mature women are more private about their love lives.
They don’t broadcast their relationship on social media and probably don’t share every last detail of their romantic encounters with their friends. But it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate you or enjoy your company! They’re just choosier about what they share with others.

Saying “I love you” is a really big deal to them.
They don’t say it early and they might not say it as often as younger women do. But when they do say “I love you,” they really mean it.

They’re not going to be jealous of your success.
Or resent your achievements. Mature women are comfortable in their own unique paths and just want the best for their partner. Which also means that they don’t have time for boyfriends who are jealous or resentful of their own achievements.

Mature women don’t need to check in with their partner 24/7.
Mature women are more secure in their relationships. They don’t spend as much time texting or emailing as younger women, because they don’t feel a need to do so. In fact, they might see communicating too often as a waste of time.

Simply put, they don’t like wasting their time.
Like we said, mature women know what they want and what they don’t want. If someone comes along who doesn’t fit the bill, they’re not going to spend their time pursuing him. End of story.

Sensing a pattern here? Mature women are comfortable with who they are, and they’re looking for a man who’s the same way.

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