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5 Dates to Try When Your Partner Has Anxiety

Couple discussing when partner has anxiety

Anxiety can mean missing out on things that come easy and natural to others. With anxiety affecting over 18 percent of the US population every year, there’s a good chance you know someone who is dealing with an anxiety disorder. There’s also you’ll experience anxiety at some point during your life.

Dating someone with anxiety can sometimes stand in the way of romance. Some dates sound fun on the surface, but can be a nightmare for someone with anxiety, but just because someone has anxiety doesn’t mean dating is a no-go. Here are some dates to try when your partner has anxiety.

Try a Groupmuse

Concerts are often high energy commitments in large settings, which can take a toll on someone with anxiety. For music lovers, looking for alternative outing try a Groupmuse, a concert series that happens in living rooms and workspaces.

In a living room groupmuse, a host holds a classical concert in their own home. There’s usually between 20 to 30 people at the event and the music is definitely not as loud as something you’d hear at a concert hall or amphitheater. It gives you and your date a chance to enjoy a nice, quiet evening with beautiful music, usually a lovely cheese spread, and perhaps a few new friends!

Create Your Own Movie Space

For some people, the idea of sitting in a crowded theater in the dark with strangers isn’t a relaxing way to spend an evening. That doesn’t mean you have to become the Netflix couch couple. Dates should always be special, so don’t allow yourselves to resort to habit.

Instead, build your own movie space. If you have a projector, set up a tent outside and project the movie onto a sheet, a screen, or onto your home. This one will only work if you have a suburban home, but the drive-in feel is priceless.

Cook Together

A dinner out can be nice every once in awhile, but fancy dinners also bring a lot of social pressure. Cooking dinner can offer reprieve from the social obligation while still being special, involved, and intimate.

Cooking your own meals means you can experiment. You can learn more about each others’ likes and dislikes and learn a skill together. It’s more intimate and a lot less pressure.

Bring The Class To You

This option is great if your partner deals with a fear of messing up. The fear of failure is a very common part of anxiety disorders. Trying classes in public can mean that your partner may feel too much spotlight on them to get everything right.

Try taking an online class together. That way, you can work at your own pace. You can rewind if you miss something or take breaks if you need it. Plus, it’s just the two of you, so there’s no pressure to be perfect.

Go Stargazing

For some, camping means escaping to nature. For others, it can mean crowded campgrounds and getting a little too dirty. But nature in general is good for us. It’s important to stop and take a look at the world around us. So a campground may be hard for someone with anxiety, but making your own campground might be a little easier.

Set up your own tent outside and make smores under the stars, just the two of you. It’s a quiet, tranquil date that allows the two of you to connect with nature, while your partner can still feel safe and connected to home.

Always remember that anxiety is a unique thing. So while the dates written here might be a good alternative to some anxiety sufferers, make sure to talk to your partner about what works for them. They might be fine with loud noises, but less fine with small groups or they might be good with crowds, but not great with small spaces. Be sure you’re connecting with each other about your needs before planning any nights out!

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