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Am I Attractive? 7 Tips To Bring Out Your Best Self

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You may be a divine god or goddess that people stop in the street constantly to tell you how attractive you are, or you might be one of us mere mortals who gets those kinds of compliments once in a great while. Either way, how you view yourself has a huge impact on how you feel and how you look to others.

Here are our seven tips on how to bring out the most knockout version of you possible. 

Stop Asking ‘Am I Attractive’ with these 7 Steps. The Answer is YES!  

  1.   Exercise regularly

Exercise not only releases endorphins that’ll improve your mood, but it’s also likely to bring out your confidence too. That time you spend sweating may not feel like sexy time, but it’s time you give to yourself. 

You can work out your frustrations along with doing something you know is good for you and your feelings of self-worth. Higher self-worth definitely equals greater self-confidence, and the more confident you are, the more you’re going to be seen as attractive.

  1.   Take care of yourself

Whether it’s going to bed at a reasonable hour or eating a healthy diet, don’t forget that you’re the only you that you have! Maybe this means soliciting a friend to help you choose some different outfits, choosing a wardrobe that shows off what you’re proud of or keeping your teeth extra white.

Whatever you decide doesn’t matter because making that little extra effort, will make you feel better. 

  1.   Smile, for real

Smiles automatically make you more likable and attractive. Plus they’re free! Even if you aren’t feeling the most stellar, smiling can give you that little edge to help you feel just a little bit better about yourself.  When you’re questioning am I attractive or not, respond to yourself with a smile and the answer is yes! 

  1.   Affirm yourself

You are lovable and worthy of being loved. You are confident and capable of handling all of the things that come your way. 

Was that nice to read, or did your internal critic immediately spout, “Not true!!”? Or maybe you cringed a little because that sounded too airy-fairy. Regardless, affirmations work! When you love yourself and practice loving yourself by being kind to yourself and telling yourself only loving things, you’re going to be an all-around more attractive person. Plus it’s easier to be kind to those around us if we’re first kind to ourselves. 

  1.   Practice your people skills 

People are drawn to others who seem drawn to them. You can show that by being interested in the people around you. No one enjoys talking to other people who only want to talk about themselves and how great they are, so take the time to pay attention. 

Ask questions, listen actively, and show genuine interest. People remember that and find that a super attractive quality in people they want in their life. 

  1.   Assess your posture

Many of us consider confidence the most attractive quality in a person. Confident people naturally draw others to them, and the easiest way you can do that is to assess how you carry yourself. 

Do you constantly slump your shoulders, or stare at the ground? If so, you’re definitely not acting confidently! Consider making sure you hold yourself tall, walk like you own wherever you’re going, and look everyone—and I mean everyone—in the eye. You are worthy of taking up space and showing off you in this great wide world, so show it off! 

  1.   Make a life you love

When we love our life and everything about it, you are going to radiate that same joy to everyone who encounters you. Joy is contagious and you’ll attract people to you that have that same amount of joy and passion for their own life. 

Even if your job is miserable, you can find a hobby you can dedicate your off-work hours to or be as present with your family if possible. If you don’t have a life you love today, make a small step toward one tomorrow and be glad that you’re moving toward something great. 

Next time you ask yourself ‘am I attractive?’, remember we are all capable of expressing our most knockout special precious selves! You just may need a few tips to help show yourself to the world with all your sparkle, but you’re already on the way. Be kind to yourself in every way possible, be kind to others, stand up tall, and make a life so joyful everyone is going to want what you have! 

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