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Does She Love Me? 13 Signs That She’s Falling In Love

A man who was wondering does she love me, holding is girlfriend in his arms on the beach while she laughs.

Let’s be honest guys—most of you aren’t great at picking up on subtle hints or clues when it comes to, well, a lot things. If someone’s not being direct with you, chances are you’ll be left feeling confused. So when it comes to the woman you’re dating, how can you tell she’s falling in love with you without directly asking her? If you find yourself asking, Does she love me? we’ve got a few things you should pay attention to that may give you some clues. 

Here are 13 subtle signs she doesn’t just like you, but she’s falling head over heels for you:

‘Does she love me?’ Here are the signs she does!

1. She talks about you as a couple
When your girlfriend starts referring to you and her as “we” or “us”, it means she thinks of you as a team. You’re not just some guy she’s dating anymore—she sees you as an integral part of her and her life.

Listen out for these cues when she speaks. If she’s still saying “you” and “me” most of the time, she might not be there just yet.

2. She’s always there for you.
It doesn’t matter what time you call her, or where she is—she answers and will talk to you and be there for you in your times of need.

She’s never too busy to make time for you, she’s patient with you, and she wants to help you work through any problems or worries you’re dealing with—because she sees them as her own problems. This is one of the telltale signs she might be the one.

3. She’s often smiling at you.
A genuine smile is an obvious sign of joy and happiness. So if your lady is smiling when she’s with you a lot, it’s because being around you makes her incredibly happy.

It’s no secret that women (and men) smile at the things they’re attracted to, so if you keep on catching her with a smile on her face, she is definitely smitten.

4. She starts making long term plans.
If your girlfriend starts to plan weekends away or vacations for the two of you that are more than 2 months in advance, it’s because she sees this as a long term thing. She sees you in her future—especially if said plans involve her close friends or family.

This kind of long term commitment is only usually demonstrated by people who are in love.

5. Her friends are now your friends.
If your girlfriend is in love with you, her friends probably know already. And if they do, they’ll make an extra special effort to add you on social network sites, meet up with you as a couple, and get to know you better. Because they know how much you mean to her, and that you’re probably gonna be around for the long haul.

6. She makes prolonged eye contact.
When you’re talking to your girlfriend, and you find her staring deeply into your eyes while you’re speaking, without faltering, she is totally besotted with you. This is one of the universal signs of attraction.

7. She supports your passions.
The difference between someone who likes you and someone who loves you, is she’ll be the biggest supporter of your interests and passions, even if they don’t interest her at all.

If she’s making time to support you and cheer you on, it’s because she wants you to be happy and she wants to see you succeed in what you love. Only someone who’s in love will behave so selflessly like this.

8. She opens up to you.
Most women tend to hold back when it comes to sharing intimate details of their life with men. If she’s opening up to you and volunteering personal stories or details, it’s because she sees you as someone special, and someone she can trust.

She’s also letting you know that she feels comfortable with you, and wants you both to get to know each other on a deeper level.

9. She teases you a lot.
If she behaves a little childishly when she’s around you, and can’t help but tease you like you’re back in 4th grade, that can be another sign she’s fallen for you. This might be something you both enjoy doing to one another!

10. She wants to get to know your friends.
Your girlfriend knows how much your close friends mean to you, and that they know you better than most people do. If she loves you, chances are she’ll want to get to know them just as well as you, so she can learn more about who you are.

11. She doesn’t try to change you.
When a woman loves you, she accepts every part of who you are. This includes all of the good things, as well as those annoying habits that you both have.

If she’s in love with you, she’ll never try and change fundamental parts of your personality or your values, because they make you who you are.

12. She does the little things for you.
It really is the little things in relationships that matter, because over time they stack up and become the big things. Like when she brings you coffee when you’re sleeping in on a Sunday morning, or she picks up your favourite candy bar and surprises you with it, or she leaves you a cute note on the windscreen of your car so you go to work in a good mood.

If she bothers to make an effort when it comes to the little things, it’s because she cares for you deeply.

13. She tells you!
Most people don’t say these words easily, out of fear of not having their feelings returned, and feeling rejected. So if she tells you she loves you, she probably means it. And when she does, acknowledge what it took for her to put her heart on the line like that, make sure she feels secure and loved back.

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