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Signs a Woman Likes You: 9 Ways She’ll Show Interest

A woman showing one of these signs a woman likes you as she makes eye contact with the man she likes and smiles.

The signs a woman likes you aren’t always obvious, and women complain that men are clueless when it comes to picking up subtle hints. Now guys, we know you’re not mind readers, but when you’re interested in a woman it’s important to pay close attention to what she says and how she acts around you—sometimes flirty signals can be easy to miss.

It’s a lot easier to identify those subtle cues when you know what you’re looking for. When you’re interested in a woman and want to know if those feelings are reciprocated, look out for these signs:

The 9 signs a woman likes you

She touches you
This doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll try to hug or kiss you from date one—it means she’ll find excuses to touch you in subtle ways. Her arm might brush against yours, she might throw a teasing punch at your arm, or she might move closer towards you in the middle of conversation.

These little touches could be signs a woman likes you, but she’s not ready to tell you just yet.

She makes eye contact
If she looks at you when you’re talking to each other, or she makes an attempt to catch your eye from across a room, it’s because she’s into you. Really, it’s not just a coincidence—it means she’s genuinely interested in you and what you have to say.

You should return the gesture by giving her more straight-on eye contact when she’s talking. In addition to letting her know you’re also interested, it will make you appear more open and honest.  

She asks personal questions
When you’re chatting with your lady friend, is it usually just small talk, or does the conversation go a bit deeper? If she likes you, she’ll go out of her way to find out more about you: your dreams, passions, and values. She’ll be genuinely interested in what you have to say.

In return, when she feels like you’re opening up to her, she’ll also share more personal details and stories with you. Being able to be open and honest is a key component to any relationship. If she opens up to you, it’s a sign that she feels comfortable around you, which is a strong start to any relationship.

She laughs with you
There’s nothing better than a woman who smiles and laughs when she’s with you. If she’s laughing with (not at) you, it means she’s having fun spending time with you. Don’t forget, women love a man who can make them laugh. Regardless of how good or bad your jokes are, if she’s laughing, it’s a good sign.

She’ll mirror your body language
Body language is a clear indicator of mutual interest. When we meet someone new and like them (either platonically or romantically) we subconsciously adjust our body language to mimic theirs. For example, if you’re on a date and lean forward into the table, there’s a good chance her body will naturally do the same. If you’re energetic and talk fast, chances are she’ll do the same.

Now, this isn’t fool-proof; while most people adjust their body language to match the other person, not everyone does. Keep an eye out for it though. If her body language matches yours there’s a good chance she’s interested, but if it doesn’t it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker.

She teases you
Remember back in grade school when you were told that if a girl teases you, that means she likes you? That still rings true when you’re dating. Playful teasing can be a good thing, as long as it doesn’t go too far. Appropriate teasing can allow people to heighten the level of intimacy in a conversation in a light-hearted way.

She replies to you pretty quickly
Sometimes this can vary depending on the age of the woman. In the early stages of dating, some younger women may be in the headspace where they feel the need to play games. (Have you ever waited to text a girl back so your response time is longer than hers? Both men and women do this!).

But generally, if a woman likes you, she’ll message you back within a reasonable time frame—as long as you do the same. If you really like her, don’t play any mind games! Make the effort to text her back. No one is too busy not to reply to a text.  

She makes plans
Two things happen at the end of a date: she’s either indifferent about setting up another date (hint: this means she’s not interested), or she’ll say something like, “It’d be nice to see you again,” or “I’m free on X days next week if you want to meet up again.”

If the latter happens, that means she’s into you. If you’d like to see her again as well, come up with a concrete plan as to when your next date will be.

She remembers things you say
One of the most obvious signs a woman likes you is that she’ll make a point to remember what you talked about. Whether it be a birthday, a childhood fear, or your dream vacation, if she remembers it means she was really listening to you. The ability to recall small details means the conversation was important to her and that she’s genuinely interested in your life.

Do you like her back?
Is she giving you most or all the above signals? Are you pretty confident she likes you? If so, and you like her back, you need to make sure you make it clear to her. Just like you, she’ll be watching for her own set of signs. Laugh at her jokes, look at her when she’s speaking to you and be interested, and make plans to see her and be there when you say you will.

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