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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas You Won’t Find In A Box

Man giving his girlfriend a bunch of red roses as a romantic Valentine's Day gift idea.

Trying to come up with some perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas can feel stressful. February 14 always feels like it comes with a lot of pressure to get our significant others something extra special. But, what if your partner isn’t really into material gifts? Well, this doesn’t mean you’ll be off the hook with a romantic good morning message. You just might have to think outside the box and go beyond the gift wrap. And while this might feel like extra work — and pressure — it can result in some of the most thoughtful, romantic, and unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

So, if you’re looking for a cute Valentine’s Day gift idea that isn’t the traditional flowers or chocolate, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a few creative suggestions that can sweep your partner off their feet!

9 Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her 

1. Get them a subscription to a meal prep service

If your partner loves to cook, consider getting them a subscription to a meal prep service. Together, spend February 14 creating a high-quality, romantic meal at home. You can then keep the recipe for future inspiration on a rainy day. This is perfect for the partner who doesn’t mind getting their hands a little dirty. 

2. Give them the gift of the great outdoors

If your partner loves being amongst nature, consider getting them an annual national parks pass. This is one of the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there and it’ll really show them that you care.

For a reasonable price, an annual pass gives you access to more than 2,000 national parks across the US. For nature enthusiasts and travelers, you can’t beat this one.

3. Hook them up with a glamorous ride (for a night)

This one is perfect if your partner loves cars, glam, and the lap of luxury. Rent a high-end car to create the perfect Valentine’s Day date night. Better yet, show up on their doorstep in the new ride and fork over the keys. Sometimes date nights are about indulgence. This is for those seeking it!

4. Plan a romantic Valentine’s Day escape

You can learn a lot about someone from how they operate under pressure. An escape room is a great way to do that in a safe, controlled environment. There’re so many different kinds of escape rooms nowadays, from those focused on horror to those centered around solving puzzles.

Most of all though, escapes rooms are just plain fun. But, they aren’t for everyone, so make sure your partner’s the type of person who likes a little brain tease.

5. Spend the day at the spa

What could be better than a day of getting pampered with your partner? A perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for her, most spas offer a February 14 special, so treat yourself. Seaweed wraps, massages, and saunas are the real key to the heart.

6. Get them concert tickets

If your partner is a big music fan, concert tickets are an amazing way to show them you care. There’s nothing quite like dancing in the middle of a buzzing crowd while listening to your favorite artist perform their music live. Your partner will be able to appreciate that.

7. Check Airbnb for weekend deals

If you live in a city, checking into an Airbnb in the suburbs for a little staycation can be the romantic getaway you’re after. Sometimes a simple change of scenery is all you need to spark an intimate moment. This little step outside the normal routine can do just that.

Airbnb offers properties specifically for Valentine’s Day getaways. Pick where you’d like to go and surprise your partner with a packed bag on the morning of February 14. Few Valentine’s Day gift ideas are more romantic than that!

8. Take the leap (sort of)

Indoor skydiving is all the rage these days. For those that aren’t quite ready for the real thing, indoor skydiving offers you a fun experience at an accessible price with almost none of the risk.

There’re plenty of locations across the US where you can give this exciting Valentine’s Day gift idea a go. So, if your partner is into off-the-wall experiences, this might be your pick. What better way to say you’re “falling” for them!

9. Go with tradition and book a dinner reservation

Sometimes, the classics are still the best. Getting dressed up and going for an unforgettable dinner together can be the best kind of date. Valentine’s Day is about the two of you, so pick someplace quiet where the food is good and the atmosphere is romantic.

Make Your Partner’s Heart Swell

The best Valentine’s Day gift ideas are the ones that are thoughtful, creative, and unique. There’re many ways to show love and appreciation and they’re not all wrappable. This means skipping the gift card and finding something memorable instead. Although this might be harder and more time-consuming, it’s worth it!

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