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New Study: 7 in 10 Men Want Professional Photos for Their Dating Profiles

Man taking a selfie in the woods to use as his dating profile photo

As the popular phrase says, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true when it comes to dating profiles. In fact, great dating profile photos might be worth more than a thousand words!  A new study from our friends at Zoosk has shown that singles are open to the idea of paying for better profile pics. In fact, seven out of ten men want professional photos for their dating profiles.  

Men are more likely than women to want professional dating profile photos 

A recent Zoosk survey of 660 singles showed a majority of men (71%) want to use professionally taken photos in their dating profiles. In comparison, only 25% of women showed interest in paying for professional dating profile photos. 

Women prefer using their existing pics 

This discrepancy could be because men are also more likely to take new photos specifically for their dating profiles. 61% of men surveyed say they take new pics every time they update their profile photos. Again, just 25% of women say the same. 

However, women have the edge when it comes to utilizing existing photos. Three-quarters of women (75%) and just 39% of men update their dating profiles with photos they already have on their camera roll.  

To make the best use of these existing photos, women ask their BFFs for help! More than half of women (51%) ask a friend for help when choosing their profile pictures. Men are less likely to do so: less than half of men (41%) would do the same.  

Singles change their profile pictures frequently 

The survey also revealed how frequently singles update their profile photos. The largest share of singles (27%) update their profile pictures at least once every three months. However, some singles are much more active, with 20% of men and 12% of women updating their photos at least once per week.  

Top photo dos and don’ts 

Inspired to take or upload new pics? Before you pay for professional photos for your dating profile or hit up your friends, it’s important to know how to take a great snap.  

Here are the top profile picture dos and don’ts as revealed by the survey: 

Top 5 profile photo dos 

As well as answering questions about their own pics, singles revealed the kind of photos they love to see. More than half of singles (51%) like photos showing hobbies or travel. Full body shots were popular with 36% of singles while nearly a third (33%) find photos with pets attractive. The other most-liked categories are close-up pics (18%) and professionally taken photos (12%). 

Top 5 profile Don’ts: 

The survey also revealed what irked singles when looking at profiles of potential matches. First up: singles want to see clear profile pictures! Blurry photos are disliked by more than a third of those surveyed (38%). Another pet peeve was shirtless bathroom mirror pics, with 33% of singles considering them a no-no. 28% of singles don’t want to see pictures with ex-partners cropped out of them, 24% can’t stand excessive pouting, and 20% roll their eyes at overly serious pictures. 

Profile photos matter 

But does it all really matter? The survey says yes! In fact, 82% of singles say that photos are the first thing they notice in a dating profile. 

After all, online dating is a fun mixture of finding potential matches, using good conversation openers, and finally asking someone out. And to do this, it is important to start with an interesting dating profile – including a great profile picture!  

So, to all the singles out there, get your cameras ready and put these stats and fun facts to good use right away! 

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