29 Fun and Simple Ways to Be More Romantic

A couple kissing on the beach with a bunch of candles lit, one of the many ways to be romantic.

Some people are naturally more romantic than others, but whether you’re into it or not, romance can work wonders for your relationship.

If you’re in need of some tips when it comes to upping the romance in your life, then check out this list of 29 fun and simple ways to be more romantic—without being too cheesy. (Because a little cheese never hurt anyone!)

1. Light some candles, and give them a surprise back or shoulder massage

2. Write them a note, and leave it in their jacket pocket, or somewhere in their car to find and read unexpectedly

3. Make them a mix tape with songs that mean something to the both of you, or a compilation of their favorite songs

4. Take a bath together and pull out all the stops—champagne, rose petals, candles, and some romantic music

5. Leave cute notes for your partner using the steam on the bathroom mirror after you take a shower

6. Cook them a three course meal filled with their favorite dishes

7. Send them flowers, just because.

8. Leave them a little treat on their pillow—like a box of chocolates—with a sweet note from you.

9. Send them text messages or emails each hour for a whole day, saying “I love you.”

10. Grab their hand, or swoop in for a kiss when you’re walking down the street

11. Bring them breakfast in bed, on a pretty tray, with a flower in a vase

12. Re-watch the first movie you ever saw together

13. Plant a flower or a tree together, and declare it a symbol of your love for each other

14. Reminisce about the first time you met, your first date, your first kiss, the first time you had sex, or your first, “I love you.”

15. Plan a day of fun, where you eat ice cream and sprinkles for breakfast, make a pillow and blanket fort in your house, or make out in the back seat of your car.

16. Stop mid-conversation, and tell your partner five reasons why you love them

17. Write them an old-fashioned love letter (poetry could work wonders here) and mail it to them.

18. Tell them how you feel about them. Straight from your heart, to theirs. Don’t hold back.

19. Recreate the first ever date you had, or the first few dates.

20. Pick them up their favorite sweets or chocolate and surprise them.

21. Give them a genuine compliment—men and women both like to feel needed and desired.

22. Book a spontaneous night in a hotel together, switch off your phones, and have fun

23. Write a box of “open when…” letters and gift them to your partner.

24. Make a series of “I love you” cards or posters, and place them in various places around the house where they’ll find them

25. Take a walk on the beach, then run ahead a little and write them a message in the sand for them to find.

26. Take a cooking class together, and have fun making your dinner together while also brushing up on your culinary skills

27. Write them a future spouse letter—a letter you will give to them on your wedding day. (You’ll have to wait this one out a bit, but it’ll be worth it!)

28. Declare today, their day. Be super kind, loving, and generous. (Not that you shouldn’t always be!)

29. Light a hundred candles and place them all around the house as a surprise for when they get home.

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