5 Reasons Online Dating Sites Are Better Than a Matchmaker

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Over the years I’ve interacted with a lot men and woman who have asked me about my opinion on matchmaking services. It seems like a great idea in theory, right?  Investing in a qualified professional to help you find someone to start a relationship should allow you to avoid all the tedious aspects of searching for a date on your own.

But even though this seems great in theory, there are a few reasons reasons why investing in a matchmaker might not be as worthwhile as it seems on the surface.  From my experience, online dating sites will put you in a much better position for success. Before you invest in a matchmaker, think about these five things.

1. Matchmakers are extremely expensive.
Even the cheapest matchmakers will generally charge you a minimum of $2,000.00. On the high end of the spectrum, some matchmakers will charge their clients over  $100,000.00.  Crazy, I know!

This amounts to hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for a single date. Needless to say, online dating sites are a fraction of the cost.

2. Online dating sites have are larger pool of people.
If you were to log on to an online dating site right now and put in a few search filters, you would be presented with an extremely wide range of potential matches. Sure, not everyone will peak your interest. Maybe even the majority of people won’t peak you’ll interest. Nonetheless, this will still leave you with a vast amount of people to choose from. Online dating sites are simply that massive in scope.

In comparison, an extremely small fragment of people in today’s world sign up for matchmaking services, leaving matchmakers with very few options to deliver to their clients. This can be a major problem, because…

Dating is a numbers game.
Online dating is an amazing opportunity to meet people. With that said, nobody ever said finding love was easy. How many times have you engaged with someone online who seemed perfect on paper, only to have no chemistry with them once you met in person?

You never really know if there’s potential for a relationship until you meet someone face to face. But if you put yourself in the best position for success online, stick to the process, and meet enough people, odds are extremely high that you’ll find someone.

On the other hand, most matchmaking services only provide 3-5 dates over the course of six months to a year. This isn’t exactly a recipe for success.

The nature of today’s world.
Let’s face it, a decade ago most people were embarrassed to admit they met online.  Now people are often looked at as strange if they haven’t tried online dating.

Times have changed and this is the dominant way single people meet, regardless of their status in life.  If you want to find love in this world, you have to go where like-minded men and woman are congregating the most, which is without a doubt, online.

The real life success stories.
Ask yourself the question, how many people have you ever known that met through a professional matchmaker? Now ask yourself, how many people have you ever known that met on an online dating site?  The answer to these two questions speaks volumes.


Joshua Pompey combines traditional and modern matchmaking methods and is recognized as one of the world’s best online dating experts. To learn more about how he helps single men and women online, visit:  https://nemvip.com/the-nem-process 

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