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6 Things To Do When You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

A woman who's single on Valentine's Day holding some flowers she bought for herself.

Regardless of how independent and proud a single you are, being dateless on Valentine’s Day can still sting. We’re inundated with diamond ads, have to wade through a sea of flower bouquets at the office, and end up eating a quesadilla alone when everyone else is out at some fab restaurant sipping champagne. But we can still have fun.

What’s the key? Keep it love-centric. Whether it’s daydreaming about your future husband, celebrating with friends, or just focusing on yourself.

Here are 6 single lady Valentine’s Day activities guaranteed to keep you rosy:

1. Watch all your favorite cheesy romcoms and create an amalgamation of the perfect man out of the male leads.
Never dwell on what could have been, but never was, in your real life. Take this opportunity to Disney Prince yourself. You’ll never find a man with Chris Pine’s eyes, Chris Evans’ abs, Chris Pratt’s sense of humor, and Chris Hemsworth’s everything else, so slip into your ugliest sweatpants and daydream scenarios where that guy bumps into you on the street and makes you spill your coffee and kind of annoys you at first, but then ends up being the love of your life.

2. Buy yourself flowers, post them with a heart emoji, and watch your friends freak in the comments about your new mystery man.
If you’re single and everyone else is heart-eyesing their boyfriends, you have license to mess with them a little. Keep your caption detail-free, and let the texts roll in. Be maddeningly unresponsive. They’ll die wondering what’s keeping you so busy. No one needs to know you’re sitting at home alone with Cheeto fingers

3. Take yourself out to dinner, and smugly walk past the couples who didn’t get a reservation in time.
Make sure you look good. Be confident. Order a steak. And revel in the fact that even the busiest places on Valentine’s Day can squeeze in a spot for one at the bar.

4. Binge-watch the show you’d be far too embarrassed to admit you like if you were seeing someone.
If you’re going to spend Valentine’s Day alone, do it in a way that celebrates everything that is wonderful about being single. Like not having to answer to anyone when all you care about is Mama June’s latest transformation and the ensuing drama. The best way to be single on Valentine’s Day is to IMPRESS. NO ONE.

5. Send secret admirer notes to people.
Nothing perks you up like being the source of some anonymous smiles. Leave flowers for a neighbor or slip a note to the mail carrier saying how much they brighten your day. Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about romantic love. Even a cheesy heart card on the windshield of a complete stranger can keep you in the V- Day spirit.

6. Take your other single bestie out on the most epic Valentine’s date ever.
What better way to celebrate being alone than to find someone else who’s alone and do it together? Celebrate each other! Gifts, cocktail dresses, bubbly, the whole nine yards. Pull out all the stops and make any future companion she has to shame with how well you take care of her.

No matter how you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day as a single lady, the key is to spread the love. It doesn’t even matter where or with whom! Send out some positivity and watch the love come streaming in.

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