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This Is How To Really Enjoy Single Life

Woman sitting down next to water, smiling and thinking about how to enjoy single life.

There are plenty of ways to really enjoy single life. Not only can being single benefit your health and well-being, but it also gives you an opportunity to enjoy your freedom, discover more about yourself, and — most importantly — have fun! The truth is, the benefits of not being in a relationship are often better than people might think. 

What would happen if you used this time to live your best life? The possibilities are endless when you leap into the unknown and fly solo for a while.

How to Enjoy Single Life: Our Guide

1. Focus on yourself

This is your chance for some good quality me-time. Date nights aren’t only for couples so even when you’re single, plan a special evening for yourself every week. Treat yourself to a meal from your favorite restaurant or turn it into an all-day event and get yourself pampered at a spa. 

Being free from relationship distractions is a good time to learn how to love yourself. Get back in touch with your feelings and appreciate what you have to offer. Ditch self-criticism and practice being kind to yourself instead.

2. Conquer your fears

Make the most of this time alone by using it to challenge yourself. Let’s be honest, life is full of scary moments. Whether it’s public speaking or traveling solo, we all have fears that hold us back from living life to the full. 

This is your chance to muster up the courage to face your fears head-on. You’ll grow stronger and your self-confidence will soar. Learning to trust yourself will have positive effects in all areas of your life, both personally and professionally.

3. Put your freedom to good use

Compromise is a key ingredient to any good relationship. But when you’re single, you can do what you want, when you want. Make the most of your freedom by watching your favorite films, hanging out with your besties, and doing all the things that bring you joy. Read a good book, go out dancing until the sun comes up, or plan a solo adventure. The more you enjoy single life, the better you’ll feel which increases your appeal to romantic partners. 

4. Go on dates

When you truly enjoy single life, you can date without the pressure of needing to be in a relationship. You’ll be able to spend time with people you really like rather than dating in an attempt to avoid feeling lonely. You’ll have had time to figure out what you want from a relationship and have the confidence to go after it. 

Go on plenty of dates and have fun meeting new people. Step out of your comfort zone, while staying safe, and see what awaits you when you try something new.

5. Reach out for support

Friends are the family you choose and the upside of single life is that you’ll have plenty of time to spend together. If you’re having a bad day, reach out to a friend for support. Starting a new hobby or joining a social club are great ways to make new friends. You never know, you just might meet that special someone in the process. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the loss of your relationship, speaking to a therapist can help with the healing process. You’ll have a chance to reflect on past relationships and speak about your worries in a safe environment.

6. Get yourself moving

Exercise increases your endorphins and elevates your mood. You’ll feel and look healthier after a workout, which is a great confidence booster. If hitting the gym isn’t for you, try a yoga class or join your local tennis club. Not only will you benefit from exercising, but it’s also a great social activity. 

Whether you meet new friends or spot a cutie, there are plenty of benefits to putting yourself out there. To really enjoy single life, even more, join a club and start exploring new activities with a group of like-minded people.

7. Reflect on life

Do you want to move towns? Is your current job getting you down? Take time out to set new goals for where you want to be in life. Without any commitments, you can make changes without having to get your partner’s approval. Dream big and then put in the effort to make it happen. The world’s your oyster, just believe in yourself and start taking the first steps towards your new goals. When you’re living the single life, there’s more time for learning new skills and taking online courses.

While you may not want to fly solo forever, this is your time to focus on yourself and really enjoy single life. When you meet that special someone and start a new relationship, you’ll be glad that you made the most of your time alone. So why not start today, and make the most of your me-time to build the life you really want!

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