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51 Fun And Flirty Second Date Ideas (That’ll Lead To A Third!)

Happy couple sitting in an outdoor bar and laughing together while enjoying a good second date idea.

Coming up with ideas for a first date can be tricky. But thinking of fantastic second date ideas is even more so. First dates are all about putting your best foot forward and gauging whether the pair of you have any chemistry.

On second dates, however, you’ve already established that you like one another. You’ve asked all the introductory questions and now you’re looking to get to know them a little deeper, while still maintaining a fun dynamic, of course. But what’s the best environment to do that?

If you need a little help, we’ve put together a list of 51 of the best second date ideas to help get you inspired. Check it out below!

Things to Do on a Second Date: 51 Second Date Ideas to Get You Started

1. Visit the theatre

While cinema dates are these days considered unoriginal, the theatre is always a memorable and immersive night out. So why not use the second date to show off your cultured side?

2. Go to a comedy night

Comedy nights are affordable, fun, and provide you with lots of hilarity to bond over. Just avoid the front row if you don’t want to be dragged onstage!

3. Try wine tasting

A day out at a vineyard or a wine tasting class can work wonders for helping the conversation flow.

4. Try beer tasting

… or you can attend a beer tasting if that’s more your tempo!

5. Have drinks in a rooftop bar

There’s something about rooftop bars that just feels a little more exciting than your average watering hole. Bonus points if there’s a good sunset.

6. Go bowling

Cliched? Yes, probably. But bowling is one of the best second date ideas. You can show off, flirt, and chat in a relaxed environment.

7. Play tennis together

While for some less sporty pairs this might sound like a nightmare, if you and your date share a love for exercise, a tennis game can be a brilliant and fun bonding experience.

8. Head out on a hike

When it comes to things to do on a second date, hiking is a top choice. The conversation flows, you get to take in gorgeous views together, and you can show off your adventurous side!

9. Cook a meal for them

Being cooked for is incredibly endearing and romantic. If the pressure of cooking a meal for your date is too much, you can always decide to cook together – extra flirty and fun.

10. Head to the beach

If you’re close to a beach, heading out together for some fun in the sun is always a good option. Watch the waves, paddle in the sea, or sit on the sand and swap stories. It’s sure to be romantic and unforgettable!

11. Take a bike ride

Depending on where you live, a bike ride could be a really good second date idea. For maximum wholesomeness, cycle to a rural spot and have lunch together.

12. Go to a board game café

Board game cafés are everywhere these days, and they have a ton of games for you to play while you chat. Get together with your date and enjoy an evening of games, food, and drinks, without the annoyance of constant digital distractions.

13. Volunteer together

Volunteering for charitable organizations with your date can be a great way to discover whether you have similar values and outlooks on life, while also doing a little good for the world.

14.   Head to a viewpoint for sunset

If there’s any idea on this list that’s stood the test of time, it’s heading out with a date to catch a beautiful sunset. All good second date ideas should end with a sunset if you ask us.

15. Go for a picnic

Pack some tasty treats, a blanket, and a thermos of coffee (or a bottle of wine if you prefer) and head out to a pretty spot for a relaxing afternoon. Pro tip: Bring extra blankets in case it gets cold!

16. Do karaoke together

If you’re brave enough, go to a karaoke bar together and hop on the microphone! For big city daters in San Diego, for example, there are tons of top karaoke bars to choose from. ‘Islands in the Stream’ here we come! 

17. Try a walking tour

You may have lived in the same spot all your life, but that can make a walking tour even better. Learning new stories about the place you live is always a treat. Plus it’s a great way to stimulate conversation on a second date.

18. Go dancing at a nightclub

If you share the same taste in music, find a nightclub playing your favorite genre and head out for a night of dancing and silliness. 

19. Visit an observatory

Many cities in the US have observatories, and they make great second date spots. Gazing up at the (simulated) stars can be very romantic – especially when you try to spot constellations together on the walk home.

20. Wander around a zoo or aquarium

If you and your date are into zoos, they can be brilliant places for second dates. Head straight to the penguin section for maximum cuteness.

21. Visit an amusement park

Some amusement parks can be pretty family orientated, of course, so do your research first. That said, who doesn’t love a go on the coconut shy?

22. Whiz off on a road trip

Simply sitting in a car and driving somewhere with a great playlist on can be a joy. Probably best to pick a destination before you zoom off into the sunset, however.

23. Explore an art exhibition

Whether you head to a long-established gallery or a newly opened exhibit, art galleries are great for opening up interesting second date conversation topics.

24. Go people watching

Sometimes a great activity can be watching other people do activities. Pick a busy place, sit at the side with snacks, and watch the weirdness of humanity unfold.

25. Browse flea market

Best game for flea markets: See who can make the most bizarre purchase.

26. Go to a gig

Live music has always gone hand in hand with romance.

27. Go traveling (virtually)

Okay, you might not be quite ready to jet off somewhere together on only the second date. But, why not get the taste of what traveling together might be like? There’re plenty of platforms that can help you create this experience on a second date. 

This unique experience is one of the best second date ideas out there and — even better — it can all be enjoyed from the comfort of home!

28. Walk your dogs together

One of the more wholesome and cute second date ideas. Assuming both your dogs are friendly, that is.

29. Visit a climbing wall

A little bit of adrenaline can really spice things up. Why not explore your date’s adventurous side with this fun second date idea?

30. Try an escape room

Escape rooms are all the craze right now. Not only do they give you plenty to laugh about, but they’re memorable too. There are plenty of different types of escape rooms to choose from now, so do a bit of research beforehand to pick the one that fits best.

31. Go on a park run

If you’re both active types, taking part in Parkrun together is a great way to get those endorphins flowing! Follow it up with a coffee nearby to extend the date a bit further.

32. Stroll around a botanical garden

Botanical gardens are perfect for idle summer strolls and deep chats. For those looking for second date ideas that give you a break from the madness of a big city, this is a perfect pick.

33. Try a dance class

If you can dance, a dance class will be a ton of fun. If you can’t? Even more fun. 

34. Go for ice cream

Not sure what to do on a second date? Keep it simple. There’s something endearingly innocent about a date that involves long walks and ice cream.

35. Try free samples at a food market

Just don’t overdo it on the cheesy nibbles and get sluggish.

36. Explore a book shop

If your date is the bookish type, find the most expansive, magical bookshop around and take them there. Whether they’re into gripping crime fiction or heart-wrenching romance novels, they’re sure to love it.

37. Shoot some pool

Do you let your date win? That’s for you to decide…

38. Play crazy golf together

Old faithful: second date couples have been golfing crazily for time immemorial.

39. Test your knowledge at a pub quiz

Nothing says ‘romance’ like trivia! Test your general knowledge and team up for a pub quiz. It’s great fun but also a good way to test out how you both work together as a team.

40. Go to an arcade

Either a cute, fun way to spend an hour or a living hell, depending on how many raucous teenagers are currently inside.

41. Visit a museum

For maximum impact, choose a quirky one. Think more ‘interactive science exhibit’ and less ‘the history of concrete’.

42. Hire a boat

Pro tip: A rowing boat is more romantic than a pedalo.

43. Relax at an outdoor cinema

Hey, we know we said cinema dates were unoriginal. But, outdoor cinema dates are brilliant.

44. Attend an open mic night

Whether you want to listen to some jazzy poetry or declare your undying love to your date across a busy room, an open mic night gives you the chance to do both.

45. Try out go-karting

To experience the adrenaline thrill of racing wheel to wheel, you have to give go-karting a try. There are tons of tracks across the US, so head to your nearest one and see who’s the fastest. Just try not to give each other whiplash.

46. Ice skate together

Top tip: If you’ve never done it before, go ice skating yourself a couple of times ahead of the date, to avoid looking like a newborn gazelle.

47. Join an art class

You could do still life paintings, of course – or you could go bold and try life drawing.

48. Go to a sports game

When it comes to things to do on a second date, heading to a sports game is one of our favorites. Note: A basketball or baseball game is probably a more romantic idea than, say, an MMA tournament.

49. Double date

Why not turn your second date into a double date? They bring a friend, you bring a friend, and you laugh the night away.

50. Try dark dining

Dark dining is supposed to heighten the remaining senses and transform the whole experience. These kinds of restaurants are popping up in cities across the country. If you’re dating in New York, for example, check out Abigail’s Kitchen to experience the unique sensation of eating dinner in complete darkness. Feeling brave? Give it a shot!

51. Enjoy a Netflix binge

It might not be the most adventurous second date idea, but staying in and binging the latest Netflix release is still a top choice. Choose from the best romantic movies or stay up all night and work your way through a gripping series. 11 seasons of The Walking Dead anyone?

Pick Your Favorites and Get Creative

Creating a successful second date is all about building on the chemistry that was created in the first. This can make things stressful at times when it comes to choosing what to do on a second date. But, if you’ve been struggling to come up with some good second date ideas, we hope that this list has provided the inspiration that you needed! 

There are tons of fun things and unique things to do on a second date – you just have to think outside the box a bit and get creative. Do so, and you’ll be sure to enjoy a second date that’s anything but awkward!

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