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3 Easy First Date Tips to Have an Amazing Time

Whether you’re meeting up with someone you connected with online or taking out a woman you met at a party, first dates can be tricky. Picking a spot, dressing for the occasion, keeping the conversation going—with so much to think about it can be hard to focus on getting to know the person you’re with. (You know, the whole reason you’re there.) So to help you out, dating and attraction expert Kezia Noble shares the three easy first date tips that will help you have an amazing time.

Video Transcript:
Hey there, this is Kezia Noble from, leading female dating and attraction expert for men. And today in this video, I am going to show you how to take your online dating success and turn it into offline dating success.

My first tip: Try and avoid romantic restaurants for a first date.
They might sound good in theory, but in reality they can actually be quite high-pressure environments. You don’t want to make the woman feel uncomfortable or that you’re force-feeding romance to her. Romance is always so much better when it comes about organically. And you can’t do that if you’re restricted, you know in this seat, and everything is just too, a little bit too perfect. It doesn’t make the other person feel relaxed either. Instead, go for something such as like a lounge bar or just a bar in general because usually these places will have a restaurant attached, which is a great way to extend the date if it’s going well. Again, keep the environment low-pressure, make sure she’s relaxed and you’re relaxed because that’s the only way that you’re really going to get to know each other.

My second tip (and this sounds like an obvious one): Make sure you keep the conversation 50/50.
Very often when guys are nervous on a first date or talking to women in general that they like, they can often end up asking her question after question after questions, and it feels like an interrogation rather than a conversation. Or they can go the other way and just go on a monologue and talk about themselves. But usually, it’s asking too many questions. Remember, she’s trying to get to know you as well. So if you keep asking her a series of questions, and you don’t tell her your opinion, or give her an anecdote, or share information about yourself, then it’s going to feel very very one-way. Remember, you’ve got a strong reality, okay. It’s not just about the woman, it’s about you too, and you want her to feel like she wants to be part of your reality as well. So make sure that you convey your personalty, your interests, your hobbies, anything else about yourself in equal measure to what you’re asking her.

Tip three: Don’t get too needy.
Now if the date goes well, which I’m sure it will, especially if you follow those two other tips, you’re going to want to see her again, and she’s probably going to want to see you again. But that’s the point where you don’t want to come across as too eager, too needy. Remember, this is where you need to play it cool. If she likes you, she’ll wait and she’ll want to see you again. So, don’t make yourself overly available. When you’re arranging the next date, tell her you’re busy next week. Say it’s a shame, you would have loved to see her next week, but you know, you’ve got to get this week out of the way or the next week out the way, and then you can meet up again. That just makes her want it a little bit more than you just saying, “You know what, my diary is completely free, you pick a day and I’ll be there.”

Now some people will say you shouldn’t play games, but I do find in my experience of helping guys that this one little touch can really make the difference because women are attracted to men who don’t have loads of free time on their hands. They’re not prioritizing them to the extent where everything else that they have planned in their diary goes on hold for that date. And likewise with men, they always respect a woman who’s got not this complete abundance of time, and her time is previous, and he respects her a lot more. So remember the third tip, don’t be too needy. She will see you again if she likes you. Just play it cool a little bit for that last point.

Okay guys, that’s all from me. Remember to check out my website, Thanks for watching.

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